Annette MacKenzie was the manager of a trendy bar in Manchester's city centre which was the last-known address that Michael Rodwell had traced his long-lost son Gavin to. Michael and Gail McIntyre went to the bar to try and get more details about his present whereabouts.

They had waited for an hour before Annette arrived and during that time Gail had started to get tipsy on mulled wine. When Annette arrived she told Michael that back in the day she and Gavin were an item. When she asked why they were enquiring, Gail told her that the situation was such as were portrayed on Long Lost Family and likened herself to Davina McCall. Michael told Annette of their previous split and his desperation to make contact again.

Annette gave him Gavin's address and told Michael about his son as Gail knocked back drink after drink. She told him that he was flaky and a bit of an opportunist when he wanted to do his own thing but he could be very charming when he felt like being so. He was also one of the best cocktail makers in the business. She managed to keep a fixed and polite smile on her face as, choosing her words with great care, Gail bored her with details about her own family. Annette told Michael that she hoped things would work out and returned to her duties.