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"If you've owt to say, spit it out before it flamin' well chokes yer"
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Anne Malone was the former supervisor of Firman's Freezers, then appointed to Assistant Manager. She had a crush on her Manager, Curly Watts, but then went out with Andy McDonald.

Although her crush on Curly seemed to have worn out, it was still a mad one. Curly scorned her, and after this, she set out a vendetta to destroy his life, involving putting WD-40 on fish fingers inside a deep freezer at Freshco's in October 1998. Her plans backfired horribly when a security guard locked her inside the freezer by accident and she froze to death.

First and last lines

"Pastry's in the next aisle." (First line, to Percy Sugden)


"Trevor!" (Final line)

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