Annabel Rubinstein was wife to Isaac Rubinstein, and mother of Nicola Rubinstein and another older daughter.

Originally from Liverpool, where she met her husband Isaac and the pair had a daughter together, Annabel fled the city in 1990 along with Isaac while carrying her second daughter, Nicola, whom had been conceived by Pat Phelan. Annabel and Isaac later died in a car crash and Nicola discovered the truth after being investigated by Pat. Upon growing close to her real father Nicola was given two different versions of events as to why her mother fled Liverpool. The first was from Annabel's close friend Lydia Hartman, who claimed Pat had raped Annabel and in the shame her and Isaac departed the city - while Pat's version of events claimed that Annabel had been unfaithful, having a full-blown affair with Pat, but when Isaac found out she chose him and claimed rape. After then discovering that Pat raped another woman, Anna Windass, Nicola chose to believe Lydia and wanted nothing more to do with her father.

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