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Ann McIntyre was the mother of Tina McIntyre who went storming round to 8 Coronation Street in May 2008 and forbade Tina from seeing boyfriend, David, who was serving a detention order in Larchfield Young Offenders Institute. Ann and husband Joe had separated and Joe began a relationship with David's mother Gail Platt, which turned into a short-lived marriage before Joe's death. Ann didn't attend his funeral as she was too upset.

Ann and Tina had an estranged relationship and rarely kept in contact after Tina moved to Coronation Street apart from the odd phone call. Following Tina's vicious assault and subsequent death in June 2014, she was contacted by Rita Tanner, and the pair met in Roy's Rolls. In an attempt to comfort her, Rita told Ann that Tina had meant a lot to people in the area. Ann later joined Rita and her husband Dennis in the Rovers, and also met Rob Donovan - Tina's "friend" - who also gave his condolences for her loss (unaware to everyone he was actually responsible for Tina's death). Later that day Ann came to face with a drunken Carla Barlow, whose husband Peter had an affair with Tina; she revealed how hurt she was at Tina's betrayal before leaving.

Ann attended Tina's funeral, where a war of words and a fight broke out at the graveside between Rob and Peter. The shocked mourners witnessed both men arrested. When Peter's stepmother Deirdre protested his innocence at Tina's wake in the Rovers, Ann asked her to leave as enough trouble had happened.

She was not present when Peter was put on trial accused of murdering Tina in October of that year.

Susan Mitchell as Ann

Ann was played by Susan Mitchell in a one-off appearance in May 2008 and was replaced by Lorraine Hodgson six years later. She was credited as "Anna" in her 2008 appearance, and "Ann" in June 2014 to avoid confusion with regular character Anna Windass.

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