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Ann Aris (born 1949) has appeared on Coronation Street in eleven different roles - one of the highest number of credited parts in the programme. Anthony Schaeffer currently holds the record with fifteen roles to his name. Ms Aris's are:

Her most recent connection with the programme was in The Road to Coronation Street in September 2010, in which she played the part of actress Nita Valerie, who appeared in one of the 1960 dry runs as Ena Sharples.

An actress since the 1960s, Ms Aris's long list of credits includes many series for Granada Television such as The Man in Room 17, The Liars, Shabby Tiger and Crown Court. In addition, she appeared in Gems, Emmerdale, Brookside, Josie Smith, Heartbeat, Hollyoaks: In the City and A Touch of Frost.

On stage, she appeared in productions of The Man Most Likely To..., Hobson's Choice and Slag.

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