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Angus Spellman was the husband of Geraldine Spellman, the homophobic father of Drew Spellman, and the grandfather to his son's adoptive daughter Summer Spellman.

While he was alive Angus disowned his son, Drew, due to his homosexuality, however he continued to have strained contact with him in order to still be able to see his adopted daughter, Summer. After being diagnosed with terminal cancer Drew decided to leave Summer in the care of his ex-boyfriend Billy Mayhew and Billy's current boyfriend Todd Grimshaw in the hopes that they'd be able to raise her better opposed his parents who would try to raise her with their homophobic views.

When Drew passed away in June 2017, Angus's wife Geraldine opposed her son's wishes and threatened Billy and Todd with the police if they were to try visit Summer again. The pair hosted a private funeral for their son and were furious when Billy and Todd showed up despite their desire for the service being family-only.

Billy and Todd revisited the Spellman's house during the following month in order to continue their claim that Drew wanted Summer to stay with them. Whereas Geraldine continued to berate Billy and Todd for their lifestyle and poisoning of Summer, Angus changed his outlook on Drew's homosexuality saying "I denied my son in life, I will not deny him in death". Angus revealed that Drew had edited his will three days before his death to give Billy and Todd legal guardian rights for Summer. Angus gave Summer the option between staying with her grandparents or going to live with Billy and Todd. Summer chose the latter and moved into 19a Rosamund Street with them.

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