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Anglesey is an island off the north-west coast of Wales. At 260 square miles, it is by far the largest island in Wales, seventh largest in the British Isles and the second most populous after the Isle of Man. The largest town is Holyhead, where the port handles over 2 million passengers a year with Ireland.

In July 1995, Rita Sullivan took Sally Webster and her young daughters Rosie and Sophie to the island for a fortnight to give them a much-needed break. Shelley Unwin was another person who needed to use the island for a holiday in November 2003 to try and get over a disastrous year in which had had unwittingly married bigamist Peter Barlow. Eight years later, John Stape hid on the island to escape a police charge of murdering Colin Fishwick after successfully duping the police that he had boarded a ferry at Holyhead bound for Ireland.

Anglesey provided another refuge in February 2013 when Tyrone Dobbs fled there to a B&B run by Marina Burford with his baby daughter Ruby and in the company of Fiz and Hope Stape to escape the police after Tyrone's abusive fiance Kirsty Soames falsely accused him of assaulting her in a bid to win custody of their child. Realising the hopelessness of their situation, Fiz herself contacted the police who arrested Tyrone.

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The beach at Aberffraw on the south west coast of Anglesey was used for location recording for scenes in Episode 9105 (20th February 2017) when Michelle Connor and Steve McDonald scattered the ashes of their son Ruairi who died shortly after being born prematurely. The fictional location of the beach was not given in the episode.