Angie Freeman was a design student who lodged at 7 Coronation Street while studying in 1990.

Angie was a capable, headstrong, and independent woman who was focused on her career. After graduating, she worked for Mike Baldwin and Hanif Ruparell while remaining at No.7 and lodging with Curly Watts. Angie and Curly had a brother-sister relationship but Curly longed for more, causing Angie to move out. Soon after this, she left Weatherfield for Mexico to study Aztec design.

Angie returned in 1996 as a Kbec designer and the following year she set up Underworld in partnership with Mike, again acting as designer, where she remained until she left to work for Jarvis Rousseau Associates in London in 1998.


Angie Freeman was friends at school with Flick Khan and was apparently the "bad influence". Off-screen, before her initial appearance, she had been phoned by Flick to pass messages to her mother. Angie found out from Flick that as she won't be returning that Jenny Bradley would want someone to share the rent for no.7 Coronation Street. Subsequently, Angie turned up early morning, sat at the doorsteps of no.7 whilst drinking half of no.7's milk.

Before living at no.7, Angie had rented a place in Hardwicke Road with two others called Paula and her boyfriend, Rodney Whitworth.

Duckworths 1983
"If you've owt to say, spit it out before it flamin' well chokes yer"
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"Yeah." (First line to Don Brennan when asked if she's looking for someone as she sits outside No.7).


"Tell you what, Les, if we do see Jan, we'll tell her the best she can do is let you starve. You and every other pathetic man who can't find his own kitchen." (Final line, at her leaving do in the Rovers).

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