Angie Appleton is the estranged wife of Jude Appleton and mother of George Appleton.

Angie met and married Jude Appleton in 2016, and the pair moved to South Africa where they both began working - Angie as an accountant and Jude, allegedly, as a Marine Biologist. In early 2017, Angie gave birth to George - and by October 2017 the three of them moved to Coronation Street, Weatherfield after Jude reconnected with his birth mother, Mary Taylor.

To onlookers the pair looked like a loving couple, however on the inside both were suffering from their own demons as Angie was struggling to bond with her son due to postnatal depression and Jude was struggling to keep up the pretence of his job while remaining unemployed. While Angie eventually received help for her PPD - Jude's secrets destroyed the trust between the pair and ultimately led to their split.

Despite their numerous attempts to keep their family together, Jude eventually betrayed Angie again with another series of lies and departed the street in disgrace following a failed attempt to abduct their son - while in January 2019 Angie later agreed to return to her old accounting job South Africa.


1986-2017: Domestic bliss in South Africa

Born in March 1986, Angie eventually met and fell in love with a man who claimed to be a highly paid marine biologist - Jude Appleton. Angie was more attracted to Jude's intelligence and ambition than to Jude himself, noting that he was not the usual sort of man she would go for. The pair married in 2016 and moved to South Africa. In December 2016, Jude returned to England to track down his birth mother Mary Taylor - having been abandoned at birth after being conceived of rape. However, Angie did not accompany Jude, due to being heavily pregnant and unable to fly, and celebrated Christmas alone.

Jude decided to invite his mother to live with him and his wife in South Africa, without consulting Angie first - however his plans later fell through when Mary decided that she wouldn't be able to leave her friends behind. Angie gave birth to George in early 2017, however she was left confused as to why she was unable to bond with her son - unbeknown to her, she was suffering from postnatal depression.

2017: Moving to Weatherfield and postnatal depression

In August 2017, Judge discovered that his mother was getting married to Norris Cole - despite her best efforts to keep the engagement a secret, as it was all a ploy to win a wedding competition that was offering an around-the-world cruise. Jude insisted that he, Angie and George would attend and Mary was forced to keep up the pretence that she and Norris were a loving couple.

Angie and Jude

August 2017: Angie, Jude and George start their life in Weatherfield.

In the build-up to the wedding, Angie began spending time with her mother-in-law and started to realise that she was acting strangely. However, despite Angie's observations the wedding day went ahead successfully. Only at the after-party in the Rovers Return did the truth finally reveal itself as Angie noticed Mary's change in behaviour, when Jude told her that he wanted to find out more about his father, and was informed that Jude had been conceived following rape. Jude overheard the emotional conversation and, despite at first being angry and upset, understood why Mary had kept the truth hidden from him.

Finally feeling that she could unburden herself of all her secrets, Mary told the pair that her and Norris had entered the 'Mr & Mrs' competition, to get round-the-world tickets to visit Jude in South Africa, and that the wedding was not genuine. Jude forgave Mary and confessed that he had been thinking of moving to Weatherfield, this irritated an unknowing Angie - who hadn't been included in her husband's decision. The pair went back to South Africa, and returned permanently in October - moving into 3 Coronation Street with Norris. Angie remained extremely unhappy about the move from her stable life in South Africa to Coronation Street but was unable to confide in her husband. Angie and Toyah Battersby soon strike up a friendship and she is happy to have someone to confess her feelings to.

However, despite now having a friend that she could open up to, Angie's problems got increasingly worse as Mary began to interfere with her parenting - something that Angie was already struggling with. When George began to repeatedly fall ill in Mary's care, Angie started to suspect that her mother-in-law was harming him. Finally making her feelings clear to Jude, Angie demanded that the pair return to South Africa - however, George fell ill once again and the pair ended up missing their flight rushing their son to Weatherfield General.

Angie and Mary

November 2017: Angie reports Mary to the police as she believes she has been harming her son George.

As Mary attempted to visit George in hospital, Angie furiously reported her to the police for harming her son. However, it was later revealed that George was allergic to pollen - something which would be triggered when he spent time with Mary due to her job as a florist at Preston's Petals. An upset Angie blamed herself for not noticing George's condition sooner, and was forced to reveal to the doctor that she has been unable to bond with her child - however, he informed her that she could be suffering from postnatal depression. Feeling apologetic to Mary, Angie made a decision to remain in Weatherfield.

2018: Discovering the truth about Jude

Making the most of her life in Weatherfield, Angie began to put herself about as an accountant and was hired by Tracy Barlow to work on the books at Preston's Petals and then later by Adam Barlow in a permanent role at Barlow Legal Services. However, in May 2018 Angie was disgusted to learn that her husband was unemployed and had been pretending to be a marine biologist for the whole two years that they had been together.

Sick of Mary defending Jude's actions, Angie began to drink alone and ended up kissing her boss, Adam. Instead of encouraging her, Adam allowed Angie to see that the kiss was a drunken mistake and that she still loved her husband. Returning home, Angie admitted to Jude about her kiss with Adam and the pair agree to move on from it. However, despite the pair agreeing to try and get past all of the lies - Angie was unable to look at Jude the same way again as she had lost all of the love and respect she once had for him. Secretly attending counselling sessions over the course of a couple of months to address their problems, the pair both tried hard to keep their family together for George's sake.

Ultimately in August, Angie decided that the relationship no longer worked and told Jude that they were over. Jude, who had discovered that his mother had been planning a spontaneous vow renewal for the pair, asked Angie to wait another day until they went public with their split and she reluctantly agreed.

Angie and Jude 2

September 2018: Angie finishes with Jude following his attempt to trap her with a vow renewal.

On the day of the vow renewal, Jude had Angie lured to the reception at Speed Daal by her colleague Imran Habeeb. Upon arriving, Angie was greeted by a whole host of her friends and was left devastated by the whole thing, as she felt like she was being forced into going ahead with the ceremony as she believed that it had been organised completely by Mary and was a surprise for Jude as well. However, when Mary let slip that Jude had been in on the renewal for longer than she thought, Angie eventually decided that she wouldn't be able to go through with it and publicly announced their split.

Later, Angie was left impressed when Jude allegedly saved Roy Cropper's life after he suffered an allergic reaction from a wasp sting - however, it was really Ali Neeson who provided the medical assistance. When Roy entered Jude into the Good Samaritan Awards - Angie regained the spark that she once had for husband and the pair began to get along again, with Jude believing that she would eventually take him back if he kept up his latest lie. Not long after the incident in September, Jude announced to his family that he was planning on training to be a paramedic to continue his life-saving work. This announcement led to Roy offering Jude £2,500 to thank him for his good deed. However, Ali was left furious to hear that Jude had been taking the credit for his good deed and became even more enraged when he discovered that he had accepted a large sum of money from Roy.

Ali threatened to expose Jude's lies unless he gave Roy his money back. Jude, fearing for his relationship with Angie, agreed to return the cash - which he did in Ali's presence at Roy's Rolls, although when Ali left Jude explained to Roy that the money would not be enough to get him onto the training course that he desired and was eventually able to persuade Roy to cough up £5,000. Although, in October, Jude's lies backfired on him when Roy revealed to Angie and Mary that Jude had started his training course but when Mary got in contact with the facility she discovered that he had not signed on to any course whatsoever. This, paired with Yasmeen Nazir's testimony that Jude collapsed at the sign of blood when she cut her finger, led to Mary discovering Jude's latest lies. Unable to cover for him as she had done with his original lies, Mary prepared to reveal everything to Angie - however, Jude assaulted her in a fit of rage to prevent her from doing so.

Angie and George

October 2018: Angie is reunited with George following Jude's failed abduction attempt.

Now fearing her son, Mary confessed all to Roy and the pair barged into Speed Daal (when the Good Samaritan Award ceremony was taking place). The pair explained Jude's guilt to a shocked Angie, who once again exposed him in a public spectacle. Geoff Metcalfe, who had been hosting the event, stripped Jude of his Good Samaritan title and Angie revealed that she wanted him to leave No.3. When it was time to leave, Jude abducted his son and attempted to flee on a tram - although Roy was able to persuade him not to take George with him. Angie was left devastated by George's disappearance but later praised Roy when he returned him safe and sound. Following Jude's departure Angie announced her immediate plans to divorce Jude, much to Mary's disappointment as she was still unable to accept that he had gone.

2018-2019: Moving on from Jude and Weatherfield

Angie identifies the body

November 2018: Angie is called upon to identify a body that the police believe to be her husband.

Over the coming months Mary attempted to track down her son, much to Angie's annoyance, however in November the pair were called to identify a body that the police believed could be Jude. Angie decided that she would identify the body alone, to prevent Mary from having to see her son on the slab, but was relieved to announce that the body wasn't his. Mary noted that Angie was still harbouring feelings for Jude and was glad that he wasn't dead - to which Angie dismissed the claims.

In January 2019, Mary was able to track Jude down to a B&B in Blackpool after enlisting the help of a Private Detective. Roy agreed to travel with Mary to confront Jude and invite him to return home, however when they got to the B&B the Receptionist explained that nobody by the name of Jude Appleton had checked in. Roy considered the possibility that Jude was traveling under the use of an alias, and was proven correct when Jude appeared - now secretly pretending to be an orthopedic surgeon called "Dr. Ken Barlow", taking his name from a well respected member of his previous community Ken Barlow.

When Jude explained that he was unable to pay his bill at the B&B, Mary agreed to give him a check - although he insisted that the money be paid in cash as the staff were unwilling to trust him with a check in fear of it bouncing. Mary handed Jude the money - despite his latest secrets being unraveled by his new girlfriend Kelly, who believed that Mary was one of Jude's patients - and told him that they would be waiting in the car for him. When Jude did not turn up, Mary returned to the B&B and discovered that he had fled the scene along with her money - she decided to pay off his debt and returned home with Roy. Mary decided against telling Angie about her husband's latest antics, but when she discovered from Rita Tanner that Angie had been offered a job - by her old boss back in South Africa - Mary revealed the truth and told Angie that she would support her decision to leave.

Angie leaves

January 2019: Angie bids farewell to Mary as she and George leave the street.

Still unsure about leaving Mary on her own, Angie was eventually persuaded that Mary would be fine as she still had friends on the street - but revealed the shocking news that her boss was holding flights for her flying out the next day. Mary revealed that she planned to make the most of her time left with Angie and George, and also made it clear that she would save enough money to come out and visit them when they were settled. On 7th January 2019, Angie departed alongside her son - rejecting Mary's offer of getting all her friends around for a final goodbye.


George Appleton

Having given birth to George in early 2017, Angie was left unsure as to why she was unable to bond with her son. When Jude decided to relocate the family to Weatherfield, Angie began to find problem with her mother-in-law Mary Cole's interference with her parenting - as she resented Mary' natural connection with George. Eventually, Angie stepped up and attempted to protect George when she believed that he was being harmed by Mary - as he always seemed to fall ill in her presence. Upon the revelation that George was allergic to pollen, Angie was left horrified by her actions - having reported Mary to the police for child abuse - and admitted her own inability to bond with George. Ultimately, Angie agreed to seek help and was informed that she was suffering from postnatal depression.

Angie and George 1

November 2017: Angie is relieved when she discovers the truth about her son's ill health.

Over the next few months Angie gained the ability to connect with her son and later, after discovering that Jude had been misleading her for the entire time that they had been together, she attempted to mend her marriage in order to save George from the potential fall-out. However, when Angie and Jude's relationship ended for good, Angie was left devastated when she realised that Jude had abducted her son. Fortunately, Roy Cropper had accosted Jude at the tram station and brought George back to her. In 2019, Angie secured her old job back in South Africa - hoping to ensure the best future for her son.

Jude Appleton

Despite only having met in 2016, Angie and Jude's relationship moved extremely fast and the pair had married, moved to South Africa and were expecting a child by the time the year was out. The first signs that something was amiss with their relationship came when Jude left Angie, heavily pregnant, at Christmas in December 2016 to travel back to England in order to reconnect with his birth mother. However, Angie did not criticise Jude too much for this as she recognised that getting closure about his biological family would be a massive thing for him. Unbeknown to Angie, Jude had offered Mary to come and live with them in South Africa - although she declined as she didn't want to be separated from her friends - and this trait of making big decisions without consulting his wife continued throughout 2017 when he announced that they would be moving to Weatherfield following their visit in August 2017.

Angie and Jude argue

November 2017: Angie argues with Jude as she fears that Mary is harming their son.

A move half way across the world was not something Angie was hoping for as she was already dealing with her undiagnosed postnatal depression - and struggled to bond with her son, and this decision caused cracks in her relationship with Jude as the pair continuously argued. It was only when Angie revealed her belief that Mary was harming George, as he always seemed to become sick in her presence, that the pair saw eye-to-eye and Jude agreed to return to South Africa with his wife. Although, it was soon revealed that Mary was not harming her grandchild - but the pollen from her clothing, as she worked as a florist, was setting off his allergies.

When Mary's innocence was exposed, Angie rethought her outlook and decided to seek help for her postnatal depression and later agreed to remain in Weatherfield. Angie and Jude's relationship became stronger and stronger with each passing month - however, in May 2018 she discovered that their entire two year relationship was build upon lies and that Jude hadn't worked as a marine biologist all that time. Angie attempted to have an affair with her boss Adam as a result of Jude's betray - but Adam stopped her as he thought she was making a mistake - disgusted in herself she agreed to couples counselling so that the pair could overcome their marital troubles for the sake of their son.

Angie and Jude counselling

July 2018: Angie confesses the lack of love she has for her husband during a counselling session.

Their attempts failed, and during one counselling session Angie confessed that she no longer loved her husband - and later revealed to Jude that she was leaving him. Jude attempted to trap Angie into renewing her vows after putting her on spot in front of all their friends and family, but she caught on to his plans and exposed him. Despite their relationship now being finished, Angie began to regain admiration for Jude when she believed that he had successfully saved Roy Cropper's life - although this was one of his latest lies, upon discovering the truth Angie kicked Jude out and he departed the street - not before failing to abduct their son.

Later, Mary considered that Angie still loved her husband as she showed genuine grief when she was asked to identify a body believed to be Jude's. However, Angie shut down Mary's comments - clarifying that their relationship was definitely over. This was proven when Mary later revealed that Jude had been up to his old tricks again - this time pretending to be an orthopaedic surgeon in Blackpool - and Angie was left unfazed.

Norris Cole

When Angie first stepped foot in Weatherfield it was to witness the marriage between her mother-in-law Mary and Norris - however, unbeknown to everyone the marriage was completely fake and had been orchestrated in order to win round-the-world tickets. Angie was quickly able to work out the truth however and, upon also learning of Mary's rape, revealed everything to her husband.

Angie and Norris

October 2017: Angie and Jude living alongside Norris Cole at 3 Coronation Street.

When Angie and Jude returned to live in Weatherfield full-time they moved into Norris' house. Norris later left the house for an extended period of time throughout the entire 2018 while visiting his friend Emily Bishop, leaving Angie and her husband to look after the house.

In January 2019, Angie made the decision to leave the house as she was planning on returning to South Africa.

Toyah Battersby

Angie and Toyah

October 2018: Angie seeks advice from her newfound friend Toyah.

Upon arriving in Weatherfield, Angie really struggled to acclimatise - as she was suffering from postnatal depression as well as dealing with the move. However, Angie made an instant friendship with Toyah Battersby - another strong, independent woman. Angie used Toyah as someone to unburden herself to, and she was the first person whom she revealed her inability to bond with her son to - Toyah, a counsellor by trade, was able to offer Angie advice which she later took.

Throughout 2018, Angie and Toyah were each others shoulders to cry on - Toyah gave her opinion to Angie about her husband Jude's lies (with Toyah believing that Jude was a good man but had done something foolish in order to salvage their relationship) while Angie was able to comfort Toyah during her breakup with Peter Barlow (when it was revealed that she was passing off Eva Price's baby Susie as his).

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List of addresses

Address Duration
Manchester Unknown - 2016
South Africa 2016 - October 2017
3 Coronation Street October 2017 - January 2019
South Africa January 2019 to present

Employment history

Role Institution Duration
Accountant Unknown business in South Africa Unknown to October 2017
Accountant Preston's Petals Unknown to January 2019
Accountant Barlow Legal Services Unknown to January 2019
Accountant Unknown business in South Africa January 2019 to present

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"Can I just give you that?" (First line, to Norris Cole)

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