Angela Hawthorne married Derek Wilton in 1985, although around that time he was seeing Mavis Riley. Her son Neville made Derek's life a misery at work.

In 1995, Derek's rival Norris Cole was set to marry Angela with Derek being the best man, although Derek drove Norris to the wrong church in revenge due to Norris stealing Arthur, one of Derek's gnomes. In 1997, Angela didn't turn up for Derek's funeral due to being upset. By the time Norris had moved into Coronation Street in 1999, he and Angela had divorced.

Her last visit was in 2005 when she turned up at The Kabin and offered Norris a job as he was looking for work elsewhere, although he remained where he was. In August 2007, Angela passed away after suffering a heart attack, and the news was broken to Norris by her son.


Before leaving behind Weatherfield in June 2019, Norris reminisced about Angela along with his other memories from his time in the street.

Despite the character being mentioned quite a lot by other characters, Angela only appeared a few times. At Norris and Angela's wedding the character was seen approaching the church but there was no close up; her face wasn't seen.

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