Andrew Richard "Andy" McDonald is the twin brother of Steve and son of Jim and Liz. Andy arrived in Coronation Street with his family as an adolescent in 1989. Studious and conscientious, he was very different from his brother Steve, although he did get into several scrapes as a teenager.

Andy passed his exams and went to university but dropped out, much to his parents' dismay, as he wanted to settle down with his girlfriend Amy Nelson with whom he shortly afterwards split up with. He worked at a supermarket as a trainee manager for a while, but eventually returned to university and graduated in 1997, whereupon he moved to Spain as a teacher of English.

He has made occasional returns to the Street, most recently for Steve's wedding to Becky Granger in 2009.


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During his brief return in 2000 for his parents' re-marriage he had a one-night stand with Toyah Battersby and then when he returned in 2004 for Steve and Karen's wedding he was reprimanded by Toyah's mother Janice.

Andy was supposed to give mum Liz away at her wedding to Vernon Tomlin, but rang Steve several days prior, saying that he had broken his leg and was unable to travel for six weeks.

Andy McDonald

Andy in 2009.

In June 2008, Steve went to Spain to visit Andy for their 34th birthday and returned to the Street in July. Andy did not appear on screen.

In April 2009, Liz went to visit Andy after he had injured himself.

In 2009, Andy, along with Jim, returned for Steve and Becky's wedding. Afterwards he returned to Spain, wishing Steve the best of luck in his fourth marriage, asking him to try and make it last. In June 2011, Andy was visiting Brighton so Steve decided to join him there for the weekend to celebrate their birthday together.

Although he didn't attend Steve's wedding to Michelle Connor in May 2015, the newly-wedded couple travelled to Spain to stay with Andy for their honeymoon.

Andy declined to attend Steve's wedding to Tracy Barlow in 2018 due to his dislike for her.

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"Yeah, but the front bedroom's miles bigger." (First line, to mother Liz)


"Ah well, try and make this one last, eh Steve? I can't afford all the presents, mate. See you later, pal" (Final line)

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