Andrea Beckett was a friend of Steve McDonald, who was a fellow classmate at college; and the girlfriend of Lloyd Mullaney.


When Steve enrolled on a history course at college primarily to help his daughter Amy Barlow more with her school homework, he began to hang out and talk to Andrea. They were both around the same age and older than many of the other students in the class. They grew close and Steve later confided in his girlfriend Michelle Connor - who insisted he needed to find a friend - although he made out that Andrea wasn't good looking, knowing that Michelle's jealousy might have sabotaged their relationship.

When Andrea turned up unannounced at the Rovers in December 2013, Michelle was put-out to see the pair laughing and joking together, and infuriated when Steve admitted that Andrea had accompanied him on a shopping trip and picked out a greeen blouse which he'd bought Michelle for Christmas. Steve's friend Lloyd Mullaney also showed interest towards Andrea and wanted to buy her a drink, which made Steve slightly jealous.

After Michelle had a pregnancy scare in January 2014, she suggested that Steve underwent a vasectomy. Refusing, Steve confided in his friends. Although Lloyd and Eileen Grimshaw saw it as a laughing matter, Andrea told him to stand up to Michelle, and he acted upon her advice. An angry Michelle imposed a "sex ban" on Steve, but he got his own back by inviting Andrea round to study with him, knowing full-well that she annoyed Michelle.

Andrea began a relationship with Lloyd, although her husband Neil was away in Nigeria working as an engineer during this time.

Other information

  • Andrea is a good darts player.

Background information

  • Hayley Tamaddon's casting as Andrea was announced in October 2013 and she made her on-screen debut in December that year. Almost a month after her first appearance, it was announced that Tamaddon's contract would be extended for another six months as Producer Stuart Blackburn was impressed with her as the character.

First and last lines

"I'll have a dry white wine please, Michelle." (First line)


"You okay?" (Final line, to Lloyd Mullaney)

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