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Andrea Abruzzi was an Italian hairdresser who was interviewed by Nick Tilsley and David Platt in February 2019 when they were taking on staff to work in their new "hipster's" barber's shop "Trim Up North" in the Redbank Apartments building.

The two brothers had decided that for their business model to be successful they had to employ good-looking women who were "well-stacked". Consequently in the interviews the scoring paid as much attention to looks as skill, at least on Nick's part. They were therefore taken aback when the very-male Andrea turned up in the Rovers Return Inn for his interview having had high hopes based on his CV of him being the ideal candidate.

Their efforts came to nothing when Leanne Battersby and Shona Ramsey heard what they were up to and interrupted the interviewing process, telling the outraged women exactly what was going on. All the candidates upped and left the premises in high dudgeon. Andrea soon followed, saying the two men had wasted his time but he later accepted their job offer but for a slightly higher wage than they were willing to pay.

Andrea began working at the shop on the day before its grand opening and, keen to help, took a memory stick from Nick to the printers to get a series of flyers printed which offered a discount. On the day of the opening, the first customer to use the flyer was Ryan Connor who said he was there for the offer of £1 for his trim. Nick and David had planned for the flyer to state £10 and blamed Andrea for the error. Offended, he walked out and it was only a few hours afterwards that Nick discovered from rival Rachel Healy, Andrea's real employer at Freddie Edwards, that he had "tweaked" the flyers on her instruction in order to run their business into the ground even before it had tried to get on its feet.

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