Amy Nelson was a Bettabuy checkout operator who dated Andy McDonald when he worked there during his Easter break from Sheffield University. Amy was a few years older than Andy and had a five-year-old son called Dominic, whose father Errol lived in Trinidad.

Andy returned in the summer and his relationship with Amy became more serious. His first reaction to finding out about Dominic had been to back away; he rectified this on his return and started spending time with Amy and Dominic to prove that it didn't bother him, including a day trip to Knowsley Safari Park. Amy was amazed when Andy then announced his intention to quit University and stay on at Bettabuy, reasoning that he wasn't getting anything out of Uni, and asked Amy to marry him. Amy accepted the proposal but had doubts about Andy's maturity, and feared being cast as the villain by Jim and Liz McDonald for stealing Andy away. As predicted, his parents struggled to accept his decision and did all they could to convince him to return to Uni. Amy warned Liz that Andy would cut them out of his life if they stood in his way.

Soon after this, Amy left Weatherfield suddenly to visit Trinidad. While there, she reconciled with Errol and decided not to return. Andy found out the truth from her best friend Alison Rathbone, who told him to stop him flying out to see Amy. Although upset, Andy forced himself to tell Amy's mother Kathleen to pass on his best wishes to her and silenced the gossips at Bettabuy by using the price gun to graffiti "she's dumped me" in the staff canteen.

The intention of the writers was that Andy McDonald and Amy would marry in what would be the first mixed-race wedding of the programme but actress Louise Duprey found the pressures of fame too demanding and soon after the recording of Episode 3601 (1st October 1993) suffered a nervous breakdown. It became clear that she would not return and the next - and final - time that the character was seen was in Episode 3609 (20th October 1993) when she was played by Melanie Brown (later better known as "Scary Spice" of the Spice Girls pop group) although she was only seen in a short scene set in a darkened room in which the cameras concentrated on Nicholas Cochrane. Louise Duprey was found dead of a drugs overdose in Liverpool in 2000. Her body had lain undiscovered for several weeks.

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