Amy Burton was the mother of Vera Duckworth and maternal grandmother of Terry Duckworth.

Amy moved into Terry's freshly-vacated, freshly-decorated back bedroom in - to the chagrin of Vera's husband Jack, who wanted to give the bedroom to his fellow decorator Wendy Farmer. Amy arrives from Rusholme, and Jack tries too persuade her she doesn't want to lose her independence, but Amy is determined to stay with Jack and Vera until she dies. Jack isn't pleased; he has a terse relationship with Amy, even blaming her for his marriage - he claims Amy went complaining to Harry Duckworth that Jack got Vera pregnant. The pair married, but it turned out to be a false alarm.

Amy soon sets her roots in Coronation Street, nagging Jack about his pigeons and developing an addiction for the slot machine in the public bar of the Rovers Return Inn. Vera won't hear a bad word, from Jack or Ivy Tilsley, in face of Amy's abrasive behaviour. This leads to Jack threatening to leave Vera, unless Amy leaves first. Vera is upset that the two don't get on, but refuses to listen to Jack's argument. After pleading with Jack to give Amy another chance, and being refused, Vera decides that it is the lesser of two evils to throw Jack out into the street. The two do, however, reach a compromise and Jack sleeps on the sofa. However, Jack persuades Amy to take on a job and get out from under his feet.

At Christmas 1987, Hilda Ogden quits her job at the Rovers, ahead of her retirement from Weatherfield to Hartington, Derbyshire. Against Vera's wishes, Amy takes over Hilda's cleaning job for Bet and Alec Gilroy. This horrifies Jack, as it means he spends his work and home life in the same building as his mother-in-law. Jack tries in vain to get Hilda to take her job back, but Hilda is adamant that she won't return. Meanwhile, Amy causes trouble for the area's elder menfolk, accusing Percy Sugden of lechery, and telling Sam Tindall that he is "gorgeous". However, Amy herself falls into trouble when Sally Webster sees her shoplifting from the Corner Shop, and then giving them to Vera as "presents". Audrey Roberts decides not to pursue the idea when Amy creates a fuss, but trouble doesn't end when Vera accuses Alf and Sally of setting Amy up. Amy's problem worsens, especially when Jack finds out she has been stealing bottles of stout from the Rovers. Jack is in charge of stocktaking and worries that Alec will accuse him of stealing. Vera refuses to believe it, but eventually realises that he is right. When Vera challenges Amy, she is accused of turning on her. Amy accuses Jack of being a terrible husband, and that he deserves to be thrown out. Vera finally sees Amy for what she is and loses her temper; Amy threatens to leave, and Vera calls her out on it. Vera packs Amy's cases and dumps her on Amy's sister, Edie.

In 1991, Amy's other sister Cissie calls Vera, breaking the news that Amy suffered a fatal heart attack while playing a game of bingo. Vera is riddled with guilt, having not visited Amy for some time. Jack tries to get out of the funeral, but makes a genuine effort for Vera at the funeral - but at the wake, he reverts to type and makes cracks about Amy's shoplifting. Cissie reveals to Jack and Vera that the only wish in Amy's will was that she take in Amy's friend, Joss Shackleton, who tells Vera that he is her natural father.

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