Amy Katherine Barlow (formerly Patience Cropper) is the daughter of Steve McDonald and Tracy Barlow, and half-sister to Emma Brooker, Oliver Battersby and stillborn Ruairi McDonald.

Shortly after her birth in February 2004, Amy was sold to Roy and Hayley Cropper - who named her Patience, after Tracy led them to believe that Roy was her biological father. However, Tracy eventually changed her mind and exposed Steve as the real father - during his wedding to Karen McDonald - before taking her daughter back from the Croppers and changing her name to Amy. While Steve took a while to come to terms with fatherhood, he soon became Amy's sole guardian when Tracy was convicted of murdering her boyfriend Charlie Stubbs and sentenced to life in prison in April 2007. Over the next couple of years Amy grew close to her new step-mother Becky Granger, but this was ruined when Tracy was released early in December 2010 - after her conviction was appealed due to the forensic evidence being discredited. Tracy was able to regain custody of her daughter with ease, after threatening to expose the fact that Becky had bought her nephew Max Turner.

Ultimately Tracy was able to worm her way back into Steve's life, after falsely accusing Becky of causing her miscarriage by pushing her down a flight of stairs, and the family was reunited when Steve and Tracy married in January 2012. However, Becky exposed Tracy's lies on the day of the wedding - causing the pair to split once again. Despite Steve and Tracy's split, Amy remained with her mother until 2016 when she disowned her after discovering that she had started a fire at the Victoria Court flats which had claimed the lives of Kal Nazir and Maddie Heath. In time Amy was able to forgive her mother, but struggled to accept her parents once again reuniting in December 2017 - believing the pairing to be a rebound from Steve's split from Michelle Connor (who had had cheated on with Leanne Battersby, resulting in a secret son - Oliver) and Tracy's failed attempt to begin a new life with Rob Donovan (who had escaped from prison earlier in the year). However, Steve and Tracy proved to be stronger than ever and supported Amy through her pregnancy - and subsequent decision to have an abortion - in 2019 and the pair even remained together after Steve discovered that he had a secret daughter - Emma.


2004-2010: Early life and mother in prison

After a one-night stand with Steve McDonald in 2003, Tracy Barlow became pregnant. However, one night she drugged Roy Cropper, took him back to her house and shared a bed with him, fooling him into thinking they'd had sex. She later led him on to believe that he was the father of her unborn child. Although Roy was shocked and humiliated at first, after a talk through with his wife Hayley, they decided it was a good thing and that they could keep the baby. Tracy offered to sell the baby to Roy for a large sum of money and Roy even married Tracy to ensure he got the baby. Tracy's parents, Ken and Deirdre Barlow, did not approve of Tracy wanting to give the baby to the Croppers, with Tracy's grandmother Blanche Hunt being particularly disgusted, as she believed the Croppers were "loonies".

Tracy gave birth to a girl in February 2004. Although Tracy had admitted to Steve that he was the real father, he told her to give her daughter to the Croppers, as he didn't want anything to do with her. Tracy sold the baby to Roy and Hayley for £25,000, with the Croppers choosing to name the child Patience. When Tracy changed her mind and wanted the baby back, she arrived at Steve and Karen McDonald's wedding and demanded the Croppers hand her over. It was here that she revealed to everyone, including Karen, who the real father was. The Croppers fled during an argument at the wedding and refused to return the baby to Tracy, also telling Tracy's family, to their horror, that the baby had been sold to them, not given. After a talk with Ken, Roy conceded defeat and returned Patience to Tracy. The Croppers were devastated but Tracy was thrilled. Tracy renamed her daughter Amy. Throughout the year, Steve gradually accepted his role as Amy's father, while his wife Karen resented her. Tracy also had a feud with Karen during this time, with Karen turning up to Amy's christening and causing a scene by fighting with Tracy.

Tracy Steve and Amy 2004

Amy with her parents in 2004.

When Steve won a car in a competition (with the help of Karen), he gave it to Tracy. During Christmas 2004, when Tracy had briefly left Amy in the back of the car, Karen stole it, although she didn't realise at first that Amy was actually in the back seat. She burned the car and made Tracy believe Amy was still in it when it was set on fire, leading Tracy to go on a rampage against Karen. Although it was later revealed Amy was safe and sound with Roy, Steve was furious with Karen for making him believe Amy had been killed. He told Karen to leave and never return.

In 2005, Steve tried to start a relationship with Tracy so he could see more of Amy and gain partial custody of her. Tracy eventually saw through his acts and wanted revenge. Tracy told Steve that Amy had a fascination with planes and told him to take her to an airport. This was actually a trick and Tracy told the police that Steve was planning on fleeing the country with Amy. Steve was let off and continued to fight for parental rights, but this was further made difficult when Tracy lied to the courts that Steve was physically abusive. The courts saw through Tracy's acts and Steve was eventually granted rights to see his daughter later that year.

Tracy started a relationship with builder Charlie Stubbs in early 2006. Tracy decided to move in with Charlie, bringing Amy with her, however, Charlie did not want Amy there so Tracy sent her to live with Ken and Deirdre. Tracy manipulated Charlie into allowing Amy to stay with them when she lied to him about becoming pregnant and having an abortion. In 2007, Tracy murdered Charlie after discovering his affair with Maria Sutherland but unsuccessfully tried to make out it was self-defence. She was sent down for fifteen years but Steve didn't know how to tell Amy since she was so young. Amy moved in full-time with her father and paternal grandmother, Liz McDonald, at the Rovers Return Inn.

In February 2008, Alex Neeson was meant to be babysitting Amy, but he dumped her outside where she was almost knocked down by Harry Mason's van. In 2009, Steve married Becky Granger, a rough and tumble girl with a genuine side who saw Amy as her own daughter. When Amy began to get picked on by a boy at school over Tracy being a murderer, Becky told her the truth which Steve wasn't happy with the first time round but they agreed that it was time that Amy should now see Tracy. Everyone on the street believed Becky was a much better mother to Amy, since no-one liked Tracy. Becky and Steve had plans in 2010 to adopt a child when Becky found out she was unable to have children of her own. Around this time, Amy's great-grandmother Blanche had passed away, which upset her. When a social worker was visiting over the adoption plans, Becky explained Blanche's death in a loving and caring way which made Amy feel better, impressing the social worker.

2010-: Growing up with Tracy

During Blanche's funeral in May 2010, Tracy was allowed compassionate leave from prison to attend the funeral. Tracy also got a chance to be reunited with Amy, who was initially frightened and reluctant towards her relatively unfamiliar mother. The tension between Tracy and the McDonalds became even worse when a jealous Tracy confronted Becky over her closeness with Amy and eventually attacked her, leading to a hyped-up Tracy to be ushered away from the crematorium by police officers. The situation upset Amy deeply. Back in prison, Tracy tried her best to be a part of Amy's life and she encouraged Becky and Steve to have a word with the warden so she could be moved to an open prison and finally have a bit of her freedom back in exchange for Tracy giving the McDonalds a good reference so they could adopt a baby. Tracy threatened Becky, and said that one word or action and she could easily ruin their adoption plans and they could even lose custody of Amy.

Coronation Street gallery 5-1 1295548631 large

Amy reunites with Tracy again when she is released from prison.

Becky's half-sister Kylie Turner gave Steve and Becky a bad reference, making them unable to adopt, but she offered to sell her young son Max Turner to them. Becky agreed to the purchase and Max moved in with the McDonalds as Amy's younger brother. Over Christmas 2010, Tracy was released from prison when the forensics investigator on her case was discovered to have created fraudulent evidence. When Amy told Tracy that Max had been bought, not adopted, Tracy took Amy away from the McDonalds, threatening to tell the police about Max. Amy moved back in with the Barlows. Steve was able to keep partial custody over Amy by tricking Tracy into believing that he would give her the manager job the Rovers.

In April 2011, Tracy was accused of poisoning Amy when she became ill. It was later revealed that Amy was actually lactose intolerant. Tracy started seducing Steve, taking him and Amy on a trip to Blackpool, where Amy briefly ran off during an argument. Amy started drinking milk on purpose so that her parents would stop feuding. Tracy briefly moved to London with Amy but returned when she discovered she was pregnant with twins from a one-night-stand with Steve. However, she later miscarried. Amy's parents married in January 2012 but separated on the wedding day when Steve learned that Tracy had lied about Becky causing her miscarriage by pushing her down a flight of stairs.

In 2013, Ken and Deirdre complained that Tracy was neglectful of Amy, due to Tracy's relationship with new boyfriend Rob Donovan. As Tracy's relationship with Rob became more intense, she temporarily relinquished the care of Amy, with majority custody given to Steve, living with Deirdre for the rest of the time.

In August 2014, Amy had begun to grow bitter over her cousin Simon getting constant attention after his father Peter was wrongfully arrested for murdering Tina McIntyre. Whilst being babysat by Maddie Heath and Sophie Webster, Amy grew annoyed at their pandering to Simon and went out with the family dog Eccles to Barlow's Buys to tell her mother that Maddie had threatened to slap her. This enraged Tracy, who then warned a confused Maddie to not come near Amy again. A couple of weeks later however, Amy was again looked after by Maddie and Sophie along with Simon and Eccles. Again growing envy, Amy untied Eccles from outside The Kabin and allowed her to escape, although she was later found and brought home.

In September, Amy came to blows with Simon at No.1 when Tracy allowed Simon to feed Eccles. Amy took the dog into the backyard and blocked the door. When Simon managed to get the door open Amy had cut her hand, and wanting to get back at Simon claimed that Eccles had bit her. This annoyed Tracy who told Deirdre to put Eccles down, although Deirdre had deduced that Amy was trying to get attention. Eccles was later snatched by Maddie and Sophie after Simon was worried that Tracy was going to kill Eccles. She was later retrieved by Ken, and Amy eventually confessed to lying about Eccles biting her stating that she'd felt left out because of Simon getting constant attention. Ken and Deirdre however assured Amy that she was still important to them.

2015-2016: Victoria Court fire and disowning Tracy

Amy Leanne Kal 2015

Amy, Leanne and Kal trapped in the Victoria Court blaze.

In May 2015, Amy and Carla Connor became trapped inside 12 Victoria Court after Tracy unintentionally started a fire there after leaving a lit candle near a lampshade. Carla was rescued whilst Leanne Tilsley and her partner Kal Nazir went inside to rescue Amy, but the trio became trapped when the roof caved in and blocked the door. Eventually, the fire brigade arrived and got Amy and Leanne down a ladder to safety. However, a gas cannister caught fire, causing an explosion to happen, killing Kal. Despite being rescued, Amy showed little care about Kal's death, only feeling pleased and somewhat excited at the fact she was rescued from a fire.

Simon and Amy

Amy is left terrified of Simon after he physically threatens her.

In September 2015, Amy started attending Weatherfield High. That November, she was physically attacked by Simon after she made fun of him over his troubles with his stepmother Leanne.

In May 2016, Tracy spitefully ruined the wedding of Nick Tilsley and Carla Connor by telling Nick that Carla had slept with Tracy's then-boyfriend (and former husband) Robert Preston. Tracy's joy at causing the newly married couple's separation was short-lived when a furious Amy disowned her for her behaviour, choosing to move in full-time with Steve. However in July, Amy decided to forgive Tracy, but on the condition, some of her demands were met with one of them being a raise in pocket money.

2016-2017: Ruairi's death and Oliver's birth

In October, Michelle Connor snapped at Amy after she assumed she'd overheard her making an appointment with the genetic counsellor. However, Amy had being minding her own business and hadn't heard anything. When Amy complained to Liz about Michelle's attitude, Liz accidentally dropped a hint that Michelle was pregnant. The news delighted Amy, but she was left horrified when she discovered that Michelle had been researching abortion clinics on the tablet.

Amy confronts Michelle

Amy confronts Michelle over her abortion research.

After being questioned by Amy, Michelle was able to explain that Steve had recently discovered the news that his father Jim McDonald was suffering from a hereditary disease (Myotonic Dystrophy) which could be passed onto the baby thus causing complications, however Amy refused to accept the abortion. Taking Amy's feelings on board, Michelle later decided to go through with her pregnancy - despite the health risks - and in December Steve thrilled Amy by showing her the scan photo of her baby brother.

Meanwhile, Amy's adoptive uncle Daniel Osbourne and cousin Adam Barlow arrived to take care of Ken in the aftermath of his stroke. Later, Tracy began to date Luke Britton and eventually told her daughter - having originally shielded her from the latest in a long string of relationships. Amy was unfazed by the revelation and asked her mother to invite him round for dinner at No.1. During the dinner, Amy questioned Luke intensely but he was eventually able to win her round.

In January 2017, Amy suggested that they throw a baby shower for Michelle at the Rovers - but Toyah Battersby and Eva Price had the same idea for Leanne. After an agreement was reached, a joint party was organised for both of the women. At the party, Michelle began to suffer from pains and was driven to Weatherfield General by Leanne. Later that day Michelle went into premature labour and gave birth to a stillborn son Ruairi McDonald - although the birth was classed as a late miscarriage. Steve informed Amy of her brother's passing a few days later and she decided to print out a poem from the internet to give to Michelle. By February, Leanne had given birth to her son Oliver Battersby and Nick Tilsley had started to pass him off as his own. However, when Steve was given the baby to hold by David Platt, after some drinks were spilled at the Bistro, he was unable to give his son back and confessed to Michelle that Oliver was his child and the result of a one-night-stand he'd had with Leanne. Michelle was devastated by his confession, and slapped Leanne before causing a scene at the Rovers - threatening legal action against Steve. When Amy was informed of the truth she was disgusted by her father's actions and left upset that she had lost yet another stepmother.

2017: Whodunit suspect and Rob's return

In March, Adam began to get into trouble with notorious drug lord Ronan Truman - after sleeping with his girlfriend Trina Robson. Unknowingly Amy allowed the situation to become worse, as she delayed Adam in getting to a meeting with Ronan by guilt-tripping him into taking her to Deirdre's grave. Later, Ronan threatened the lives of both Tracy and Amy if Adam didn't return his money - but Ken had discovered Adam's secret and burnt the "dirty" money before disowning his grandson. Instead of harming either Tracy or Amy, Ronan had Adam seriously attacked - before Adam decided to leave Weatherfield to get away from Ken. At the time, Ken had also began to burn bridges with his other loved ones - as he had refused to give Tracy the money to buy her shop, when Peter had decided to sell, and had also doubted Peter's innocence when Chloe Tipton claimed that the pair had engaged in an affair behind Toyah Battersby's back. Tracy and Amy also overheard a conversation between Ken and Sinead Tinker where he unwittingly encouraged her to get an abortion as she was holding Daniel back from making a better life for himself by going off to Oxford University.

Amy suspect

March 2017: Amy cons her grandfather Ken out of money - which she in turn leaves to Adam Barlow.

On the night of her violin recital at the end of March, Amy was able to sneak away from the concert in order to meet up with Adam - who was revealed to still be in the area - to give him money that she'd managed to con out of Ken (pretending that she needed the money to buy a new violin after her old one was damaged). Tracy and Luke had been left worried about her disappearance and had begun to search for her, but during the time of her disappearance a mystery intruder left Ken seriously injured after hitting him on the head with an object and pushing him down the stairs of his own home - only to be later found by Pat Phelan.

DS MacKinnon - who was the detective assigned to the case - initially chalked out several suspects including Pat, Peter, Tracy, Daniel, Adam and Sinead. However, Pat was eliminated from inquiries almost immediately as Todd Grimshaw uncovered CCTV footage that showed he had been at 19a Victoria Street at the time of the attack. Peter and Tracy also had firm alibis for the time in question but were left unable to reveal them - as Peter had been secretly visiting Chloe again and Tracy had been hiding Rob Donovan, who had escaped from prison after some thugs who wanted him dead caused his prison van to crash, at the abandoned gym. When Tracy uncovered Ken's will - which had completely removed all mention of her and left everything to Peter, Adam and Daniel - she confronted Adam and threatened to go to the police but he pointed out that the will would give her motive too.

Later, Simon discovered a voicemail from Peter from the night of the attack - sounding frantic and apologetic - and believed this to have been a confession. When Simon revealed the recording to the rest of his family, Peter was forced to admit that he had visited Chloe in order to ask her to tell the truth about her claims the pair had an affair. Upon being interviewed by the police, Chloe denied being Peter's alibi and claimed that he had visited her on another night and assaulted her. Soon after her statement, Toyah and Leanne visited Chloe to question her - realising that she was lying - the girls threatened to create a fake assault allegation against her. Having been backed into a corner, Chloe confessed that she and Peter hadn't been having an affair and that he hadn't assaulted her but suggested that he could have pushed Ken after he had left her house. Unlike Peter, Tracy was unable to expose Rob as her alibi and instead forced Luke to provide her a fake one (despite the fact that the pair hadn't been together during the search for Amy). This put a strain on Tracy and Luke's relationship and later led to the pair breaking up. Due to Peter and Tracy seeming to have clear alibis, Adam asked Rosie Webster to lie about them having had sex on the night of Ken's attack - which she reluctantly did. Adam then began to poke holes into Tracy's alibi with Luke - as he knew that the pair had been out looking for Amy and thus couldn't have been together all the time - so in an act of revenge Amy contacted the police to tell them that Adam's fingerprints would be on the new worktop which had been fitted on the night of the attack.

Having found Adam's fingerprints on the worktop, the police arrested him for attempted murder and his alibi was eventually revealed to have been faked. This forced Adam to confess that he had been in the house at the time, as he had organised to retrieve some money left for him by Amy, and that he had found Ken's body but was reluctant to help him due to the fact that it could have put him in the frame. Amy denies all knowledge of Adam's story while being questioned by the police, however was left flustered when they asked her how she had known that Adam's fingerprints had been on the worktop. Tracy, now believing that her daughter was the mystery assailant, kicked the police out and began to formulate a plan to prevent Amy from going to prison.

Amy Rob's return

May 2017: Amy was shocked to discover that Rob Donovan had returned after escaping from prison.

Tracy later confided in Rob, who was desperate for her help to flee the area, about her plan for her and Amy to come with him. Rob was initially unconvinced, but when Tracy informed him of the substantial evidence against Amy and that she had uncovered the money that she had conned from Ken stuffed in her teddy bear, he reluctantly agreed. The trio then went on a break to the Peak District, with Amy blissfully unaware that Rob was also with them, and their disappearance was soon heavily publicised by the police - who correctly believed the pair to be harbouring Rob.

Tracy banned Amy from all electronic devices including her phone and the television, as she feared what her daughter would do if she realised that they were on the run. However, Amy eventually grew bored of the cottage and used a nearby phone-box to call her father. The police were able to track the call to the cottage, but not before Amy walked in on her mother and Rob kissing. Amy was terrified by the murderer's presence at the cottage and refused to cooperate with their plans of fleeing. When the police arrived, Rob bundled Amy into a car while Tracy provided a distraction by allowing the police to arrest her - as she didn't want Amy to go to prison for Ken's attack. Although Amy soon told Rob that she wasn't Ken's attacker and, believing her to be innocent, he let her out of his car to get a bus back to Weatherfield. Tracy falsely admitted to having attacked Ken, in order to spare her daughter, but when Rob handed himself in to the police he informed her that Amy wasn't the attacker and that she had returned to Weatherfield alone on a bus - Tracy retracting her previous claims and denied the assault.

While Tracy was awaiting her court appearance, to discover if she would be prosecuted for assisting Rob, the truth about Ken's attacker was finally revealed when Ken identified Daniel's shoes as those his attacker had been wearing. Daniel finally admitted to the crime, claiming that he had lost control after discovering Ken had inadvertently forced Sinead to abort his child. While Peter, Tracy and Daniel were disgusted by Daniel's actions and disowned him - Ken told the police that his memory of the night had returned completely and he had fallen down the stairs rather than having been attacked. The only other people to learn the true identity of Ken's attacker were his mother Denise Osbourne, as well as Sinead and Chesney Brown - who found the murder weapon hidden at 15a Coronation Street.

2017-2018: Steve and Tracy reunited

Steve and Leanne engaged

August 2017: Amy was left horrified by the prospect of yet another stepmother when Steve proposed to Leanne Battersby.

In August 2017, Steve gave up all hopes of a reunion with Michelle - as she had entered into a relationship with Robert Preston - and later proposed to Leanne to ensure that the pair of them could raise their children as a proper family. Despite having her reservations, Leanne initially accepted the proposal - to the shock of everyone, and horror of Tracy and Amy. However, after talking to her sisters Toyah and Eva Price - Leanne realised that she and Steve had no real chemistry, to which Steve ultimately agreed, and the engagement was called off. Although, the pair decided to remain close friends so that they could bring up their son in the best possible environment.

By October, Amy had began to go through a rebellious stage - as her and Asha Alahan started causing trouble on the street. The unrepentant pair knocked Brian Packham's coffee over him, and upon inviting him to shower at No.1, Amy then put a beef stock cube in the shower head. However, the pair went too far when they put blue ink in the window-wash reservoir of Roy's car and almost caused a crash when Brian and Cathy Matthews had to swerve to avoid hitting David the Dog. Cathy was immediately able to identify the culprits and wasted no time in summoning Steve, Tracy and Dev Alahan to discuss the pair's reckless behaviour. In way of an apology Amy and Asha were forced to put on a Boney M. performance for Brian and Cathy. However, Amy and Asha were not finished and began to manipulate their new friend Summer Spellman by daring her to spray paint a penis onto a teacher's car in shaving foam. Later, the dares became more serious as Summer was told to smoke a strange looking cigarette found by Simon. Despite having refused and thrown the cigarette box away, Summer later returned after the other kids had left and smoked it. The cigarette turned out to contain the drug spice and Summer collapsed - Amy and Simon found Summer in the ginnel and were able to get her some help but the pair found themselves punished along with Asha and Aadi Alahan for putting her up to it.

In December 2017, Steve decided to move on from his relationship with Michelle - and part time engagement to Leanne - by using an online dating App. However, he was shocked to discover that his perfect match was Tracy. Upon spending the night together, Steve received a phone call from Tracy on Christmas Day claiming that the night had been a "mistake" - although, it was later revealed that Amy had sent the text as she dreaded her parents reuniting due to the fact that it always ended disastrously. Amy also attempted to make Tracy angry with Steve by taking Eccles and making her believe that Steve had left the door open and allowed the dog to escape. Despite her attempts, Steve and Tracy saw through her plan and decided to make their relationship official.

In January 2018, Amy began to feel jealous about the lack of attention she was receiving from her parents. This jealousy was heightened when Steve presented Tracy with a lavish gift of a trip to Paris but refused to buy her a new phone, even after she had purposely broken her current one and was now forced to go without. Steve challenged Amy to a contest, that he could go longer without his phone than she could, and promised if she beat him that he would buy her the new phone. Over the next week and a half, Steve began to cheat and secretly use his phone while nobody was around but Amy eventually got her revenge by going to a house party instead of the cinema on night in February. As a result of not having a phone, Steve was unable to contact Amy - but they eventually located her, humiliating her in front of her friends and crush Matthew Begley, but Tracy ordered Steve to buy his daughter a new phone so that incidents of the same nature wouldn't arise again.

Amy and Summer

March 2018: Amy and Summer Spellman find themselves in danger during their search for Billy Mayhew.

Elsewhere, Billy Mayhew asked Tracy if Amy could team up with Summer on a school project - but Tracy refused as Summer was known for being the bottom of the class (something which Billy was unaware of) and Tracy didn't want her to pull Amy's grades down. Amy was more sympathetic to her friend, and later agreed to help her track Billy down after he had went AWOL. However, their attempts to find Billy proved futile and almost led them to be abducted by a man who had pretended to have information about Billy's whereabouts. Luckily, the pair were found by Amy's uncle Peter - who was able to scare the man away before he could cause any harm.

Eventually, Amy began to warm to the idea of both her parents being back together. However, Steve had started to doubt the longevity of the pairing - although for Amy's sake he proposed to Tracy in June. Tracy immediately accepted the proposal, but was left annoyed when Daniel stole her limelight by proposing to Sinead on the same day. Tracy soon began to plan a lavish wedding at a castle, but decided to settle for the Chariot Square Hotel after the castle burnt down - something that Steve took to be an omen.

However, in August Steve kissed Abi Franklin while comforting her and began to realise that he didn't want to marry Tracy - this led to him having another one-night stand with Leanne only a week before the wedding. The wedding was plagued by more trouble as Amy slipped at a spa and broke her arm meaning that she was unable to attend, and Daniel spontaneously organised his wedding for the same day - stealing a large majority of the guest list including Ken, and Tracy's best friend Beth Sutherland. As predicted the wedding ended in chaos, when the truth about Steve and Leanne's affair was revealed, and Tracy punched Steve during their first dance routine. Despite declaring that their relationship was over, Tracy joined Steve in Morocco for their honeymoon - but later stole his wallet and passport before abandoning him in a dessert and returning home alone. Upon finding his way home himself, Steve begged for Tracy's forgiveness - and she later accepted on the condition that he hired Abi to work at Street Cars.

Amy's contract

November 2018: Amy coerces her parents into signing a legally binding contract to help them become a better couple.

Amy had at first been enraged that her mother had even considered taking Steve back, but later plotted with Adam to create a legally binding contract for them both to sign in order for them to gain her acceptance. Steve and Tracy both signed without thoroughly reading the papers and were later horrified to discover that they now had to live their lives governed by rules designed to make the trio a better family such as; scheduled family time and fines for name calling. Despite at first allowing the contract to control their lives, Steve and Tracy later found a way to outsmart Amy by organising "family time" when she wanted to hang around with her friends.

2019-present: Pregnancy and termination

In January 2019, Amy took a pregnancy test and was shocked to discover that she was pregnant. At first she believed that she was only a couple of weeks pregnant and planned to have a secret abortion, but soon discovered that she had confused the dates and was much further along than she had first thought - this meant that she would need a surgical abortion. When the abortion clinic advised Amy to open up to someone close to her, preferably a family member, she confessed everything to her grandmother Liz. Later that same day, Amy also decided to tell her parents - although they had already discovered her secret after finding a pregnancy test in the bin. Steve and Tracy were initially furious about the revelation and demanded to know who the baby's father was, but Amy kept his identity a secret. However, she was eventually forced to reveal that the father was Tyler Jefferies as Steve and Tracy had began to point the finger at several other residents such as; Aadi and her cousin Simon.

Amy abortion clinic

January 2019: Amy and Tracy attend a meeting at the abortion clinic.

Steve and Tracy were disgusted to learn that Tyler was the culprit, as that meant that he had committed statutory rape - as he was seventeen at the time of the conception while Amy was underage. When Tracy suggested contacting the police about Tyler, Amy angrily refused and eventually decided against having an abortion as her parents informed her that they would raise the child as their own if she wasn't ready to be a mother. Tyler's mother Vicky Jefferies soon learnt of Steve and Tracy's plan to raise Amy's baby and was left upset by the prospect of not being part of the child's life.

When Vicky began to interfere in things by talking to Amy and getting Tyler a job at the Viaduct Bistro, Tracy decided that she needed to get him out of their lives and offered him five thousand pounds if he left them alone. Tyler refused Tracy's offer and, seeing red, she contacted the police about his sexual activity with her daughter. The police questioned Amy about Tyler, but she told them that she didn't want him to get into trouble and wouldn't testify against him. Later, Amy met Tyler at the Community Garden and he revealed that he didn't want to be a father. After speaking to Bethany Platt, who was able to sympathise with Amy's situation as her mother Sarah Platt had been a teen mother too, Amy decided to have an abortion. Bethany accompanied her on the day that she had it and advised her to be honest with her parents, although Amy kept it a secret from them after realising how much they were looking forward to the child.


Steve McDonald

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Tracy Barlow

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Ken and Deirdre Barlow

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Liz McDonald

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Roy and Hayley Cropper

Roy hayley patience

Hayley and Roy plan to raise Amy as their own - then called Pateince.

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Other information

  • Amy has grown up with a number of stepmothers. Stepmother number one, Karen Phillips, resented her presence but second stepmother Becky Granger saw Amy as her own. By the time her third stepmother, Michelle Connor entered her life, Amy was resentful at first but they eventually bonded.
  • In December 2014 Amy pretended (with the encouragement of her mother) that she was able to speak to dead people in a bid to wind Norris Cole up.
  • In 2015, Ken persuaded Amy to start learning to play the violin, but the noise it created caused a great deal of annoyance to the rest of Amy's family.

Background information

Amy Barlow Recasts

Amy had a large number of recasts in her early life. Top (l-r): Holly Bowyer, Rebecca Pike, Louisa Morris. Bottom (l-r): Rachel/Sarah Corker, Madison Hampson, Amber Chadwick.

Amy was born on 9th February 2004 with babies Holly Bowyer and Rebecca Pike jointly playing the role. A third baby, Amber Chadwick, also appeared briefly in that month for three episodes. Bowyer departed at the end of March 2004, while Pike continued to play Amy until June 2005. Louisa Morris took over the role in the same month as Pike's departure. She would play the role for three months until September 2005, although on 29th August and 7th September the role was instead played by Rachel & Sarah Corker. Morris was replaced by Madison Hampson in late-September.

Hampson played the role until March 2006. Later that month it was reported in the news that her parents had taken her out of the part because they believed she was finding it "too harrowing", however Coronation Street bosses denied the claims, insisting that they followed "very strict guidelines" regarding child welfare and that Hampson was instead taken out because it was common for young child actors to be replaced.

Following Hampson's withdrawal, Amber Chadwick made a return to the role, becoming a regular cast member for the first time. She took over in late-March 2006 and played Amy for four years until April 2010. Although Kate Ford who played Amy's mother Tracy left the show in 2007, Amy remained on the show in the care of her father Steve McDonald while Tracy was imprisoned. Shortly before Chadwick's final appearance, it was reported that Amy was to be recast as producers wanted an older and more capable actress to play the role in time for Tracy's return. It was also revealed that producers had been planning to replace Chadwick for a while, but her parents had persuaded them not to.

Elle Mulvaney

Amy Barlow Mulvaney 2010

Elle Mulvaney as Amy in 2010, shortly after taking over the role.

Elle Mulvaney, a student of the Carol Godby Theatre Workshop, was announced to be the next actress to play Amy. Mulvaney debuted on-screen in May 2010 and remains with the programme to the present day. With her casting, Amy became the character played by the most actors in Coronation Street history, with Peter Barlow coming in second with 7 different actors.

Elle has been the most successful actress to play Amy, being nominated for "Best Young Actor" in the Inside Soap Awards three years' running. Mulvaney subsequently won the award for "Best Young Performance" at the British Soap Awards in 2017 and was nominated again in 2019.

First and last lines

"Mama!" (First line, to mum Tracy)


(To be completed)

List of addresses

Address Duration
15a Victoria Street25th June 2018 to present

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