Amanda "Mandy" Worsley was Mike Baldwin's secretary at Ingram's Textiles in 1990 and 1991. Amanda got the job after Mike sacked her predecessor Sandra Rogers.

Amanda started at Ingram's on 5th November. Tall and red-haired, she did as she was told and always chose the right moment to pop into Mike's office with a coffee; qualities that made her an efficient secretary in Mike's book.

In December, Amanda helped Ivy Brennan plan the staff Christmas party. At the party, Ivy caught Mike and factory owner Jackie Ingram in a clinch. Mike managed to convince Ivy that it was nothing, but Jackie compounded the error by telling Mike, in front of Amanda, that she would see him at the house.

The following July, Mike walked in on Phil Jennings giving Amanda a massage while Phil was waiting to see Mike about a loan. After sending Phil packing, Mike advised Amanda to steer clear of him. A few minutes later, a call came through from Wrightson's confirming that they were entering into a three-year-deal with Ingram's, news which made Mike so ecstatic that he planted a kiss on a surprised Amanda's cheek. After the weekend, having split from Mike, Jackie decided to sell the factory to Ralph Dobson's firm and gave him Mike's office in order to supervise the takeover. Mike knew nothing of this until he went into work and Amanda refused him admittance to his own office. After being informed of the situation by Dobson, Mike left Ingram's for good.

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