Amalgamated Steel

The headquarters of Amalgamated Steel in 1961 (in reality, the office block of Granada Television's Quay Street studios)

Amalgamated Steel was a major manufacturing business in Trafford Park and four residents of Coronation Street were employed there.

Ken Barlow’s job after graduating from university was as an Assistant Personnel Officer at the company. He made the application in September 1961 and began working there in the October. He didn’t last long as he clashed with his boss, Mr. Wentworth, who forced him to retire Arthur Chadwick, a worker who had to support an invalided daughter and then doubted Jim Schofield who was shirking his duties by claiming migraines which proved to be false. Hating his work, Ken gave up the job, leading to a row with his father.

The next resident to be employed there was Harry Hewitt who gave up his bus inspectors’ job to take up work as a chauffeur for the directors in August 1963 and he was followed by Dennis Tanner who worked in the loading bay as a despatcher in January 1964 after being nagged by his mother, Elsie, that he was afraid of hard work. However the clumsy youngster did not get along with his rough fellow workers and after being threatened with the sack if he made another mistake, he took the blame for a smashed crate in order that he could be free of his job.

In August 1964, Harry left with his family to live in Ireland and he suggested that new resident Stan Ogden apply for his old position. Stan found the work a doddle but made the mistake of giving wife Hilda, daughter Irma and several residents a joy ride in the company Rolls Royce. Minnie Caldwell ripped the seat with her hat pin and Charlie Moffitt’s dog, Little Titch relieved himself in it. Stan was duly sacked.


Former Staff:

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