Alison Rosemary Webster (née Wakefield) was the daughter of Bob and Joan Wakefield and sister of Cheryl, the second wife of Kevin and mother of Jake.


Alison never led a particularly happy life, weighed down by both her and her parents' guilt over the death of her younger sister Cheryl when Alison was still a child herself.

After Kevin Webster brought her back to Weatherfield over Christmas 1999, it seemed like a new start - she was pregnant and they married. However, the later stages of pregnancy and birth of Jake Webster was complicated, she passed a Group B Streptococcus infection onto him and he died the same day.

The burden of Alison's guilt proved too much, she cracked and walked out of the hospital with newly-born Bethany Platt. Kevin finally found her, but in the depth of her despair, she ran into the path of a lorry after handing Bethany to Kevin.

First and last lines

"I'm alright thanks." (First line)


"Don't wake her, she is comfy as she is, they'll see I looked after her" (Final line)

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