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Alice Diana Watts was the daughter of Curly and Raquel Watts.

Raquel discovered she was pregnant a short time after leaving Curly in November 1996, having accepted an aromatherapy job in Kuala Lumpur. Unable to stay there once her pregnancy was revealed, she returned to the UK and went to stay with her sister Bernice. Alice was born in the following July at the London teaching hospital where Bernice worked. Raquel decided not to tell Curly about their child as she didn't want him to force her back into his life, although she told Alice all about her father and pointed out a star that Curly had named after Raquel.

Raquel returned to Weatherfield briefly in January 2000 with the news that she was getting remarried - to a man named Armand de Beaux - who she worked for as a nanny. She also told Curly about Alice's existence. Although he was angry at first, Curly accepted Raquel's decision to remarry, with the reassurance he could see Alice as much as he wanted.

Curly and his girlfriend Emma Taylor arrived at Chateau Armand during October in order to see Alice. The child was understandably nervous around the couple and clung on to housekeeper Christine Glover. Raquel, Armand, his children and the couple's new baby had left on a family holiday earlier that same day but Alice remained at the Chateau to cater for her father's visit. Emma's stay was brief however - fearing that she didn't measure up to Raquel and feeling that she was being neglected - she rejoined Ashley and Maxine Peacock, Fred Elliott and Audrey Roberts who were holidaying in Paris. Curly tracked Emma down and proposed to her on a bateaux mouche.

As a surprise to her husband-to-be, Emma secretly arranged a short break to Weatherfield for Alice in order for her to be bridesmaid at their wedding on Christmas Eve.

A photograph of Alice was first seen in Episode 4745a (2nd January 2000), nine months prior to her first on-screen appearance.

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