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Alice Burgess (née Hewitt), was the widowed sister of Harry Hewitt, and aunt to Lucille and Christopher.

Alice and Harry grew up in an unhappy home, as their father Thomas was out of work during the Depression and their mother Mary slowly lost her mind, finally being put in an asylum after attacking Alice and Harry with a carving knife. Alice was left with permanent scars on her arms. Alice married Sam Burgess on the outbreak of war - their wedding reception was held in the Rovers Return's air-raid shelter. They were only married a week before Sam left, and Alice moved to Birkenhead to live with his family. When Sam was killed in Dunkirk in June 1940, a devastated Alice blamed her father for convincing Sam to enlist. When Thomas then used Sam's death to shame Harry into enlisting, Alice cut all ties with her father, although Harry visited her in Birkenhead when he was on leave.

Alice temporarily moved into 7 Coronation Street in 1961, where she disapproved of Harry's lifestyle and was disliked by Lucille, so her stay was a short one, lasting only two months. In October, Alice sent a telegram to congratulate Harry and his new bride Concepta, as she unable to attend the wedding.

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