Alice was clinical pecialist nurse who treated Hayley Cropper when she had terminal pancreatic cancer.

She was present with Mr Peakman, the consultant, when he first informed Hayley that a CT scan had detected a tumour and that she needed two operations to remove it, after which she would need chemotherapy but that her chances were only 1 in 5 that she would be alive within five years. Alice comforted Hayley that she was in the best possible hands and they would look after her every step of the way.

After the second operation, Alice and Mr Peakman told Hayley that it had not been a success. The tumour enclosed a vital vein to the liver and could not be removed and they now wanted to discuss palliative treatment. As the disease behaved differently in each person's body, they couldn't say for sure how long she had but the average was six to twelve months, dependent upon whether she chose to have chemotherapy or radiotherapy. The next day, she told Hayley that they needed to discuss the latter options and offered details of a support group, though she and Roy declined this.

Alice built up a good rapport with Hayley and before she was discharged from hospital joked with her that he had managed to enter her in the Weatherfield 10k run! She then gave her a guide to all of her options about Macmillan cancer support and other charities. She later joked with the fastidious Roy that he was late to pick up Hayley and take her home. He failed to understand the joke...

Credited as "Nurse" in her first two appearances and "Specialist Nurse" in her last three, the character was named in dialogue in her first scene.

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