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Alfred Tatlock was the younger brother of Albert and father of Valerie.

Alfred and Albert lived in lodgings in Rosamund Street after their parents' death from TB in 1906. When Albert left to join the Lancashire Fusiliers in 1914, Alfred moved in with his aunt Mary Osbourne and her husband Thomas at 1 Coronation Street. His stay was brief as the family moved to the Osbourne family home in south Manchester the following year. Alfred signed up to fight in the war when he was old enough but when it ended in 1918 he hadn't seen much action. Alfred moved to Liverpool but returned to Weatherfield in 1921 and moved in with Albert and his wife Bessie, taking a job at Hardcastle's Mill.

Alfred was a heavy drinker and a regular at the Rovers Return Inn, where he became friendly with barmaid Edna Ellis. They got married in 1921 and had a daughter, Joyce, in 1923. For a time, both families lived at No.1 but tragically Joyce suddenly died from scarlet fever and a few months later Edna died from the same illness. Alfred took a job as station master at the Liverpool Road line and moved into a cottage. In 1936 he married Edith Brown and their only child together, Valerie, was born on 26th November 1942. In 1961, he got a job as Station Master in Glasgow and the family moved there, although a year later Valerie returned to Weatherfield to marry Ken Barlow.

Following Valerie's death in 1971, Alfred wasn't present at the funeral. Later that year his grandchildren Susan and Peter were sent to live with him and his wife in Glasgow, as their father Ken was unable to cope as a single parent.

In Episode 68, Alfred, according to Val, had gotten the post of Station Master in Glasgow, which she told her "Uncle Albert". Since he was not seen with his wife in any of the episodes she appeared in, but was mentioned as being alive until at least 1978.
The character also appeared in the Coronation Street book Keeping the Home Fires Buring set between 1914-1918.