Alex Hughes was a short term-boyfriend of Todd Grimshaw's in London after he split up with Jools Creme. Todd was due to make a rare visit to Weatherfield to visit Eileen but she was surprised when it was a furious Alex who turned on the doorstep. He told a her that they had been going out for three months and her son had told him that he was the love of his life. They had planned a trip to New York and Alex had both paid for the tickets and provided him with spending money but Todd had failed to turn up at the airport three days before. Alex watched the flight leave and then went home where, after ringing round the hospitals, he received a text saying that he was dumped. He had spent the past few days ringing round the people in Todd's address book and 11 Coronation Street was the last place left. He wanted two things: his money back and an explanation.

Eileen was further surprised to hear that Todd had been sacked from his job some time before for laziness and lying. This revelation angered her and Jason Grimshaw who defended Todd's moral character and demanded that Alex leave. When Todd turned up some time later, he told his family that work and Jools were both fine and they could easily tell from his demeanour that he was lying.

Alex hadn't gone far; only to the Rovers Return Inn where Sean Tully, not knowing who he was, tried to chat him up but quickly became angered when Alex was dismissive, telling him that Manchester only had rain and football and neither interested him. Jason turned up for a pint soon afterwards and Alex asked to speak to him, telling him his history of him and his brother. Liz McDonald overheard them and let slip to Sean that he was Todd's significant other. He therefore re-introduced himself to Alex, blurting out that Todd was back home. Alex shot round there and demanded his £500 back. Appalled by Todd's attitude, Eileen wrote Alex a cheque for the sum demanded, apologise for her son's behaviour and pointed out the directions to Street Cars in order that he could get a taxi. She and Jason then demanded answers and the truth from Todd.

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