Alcazar Holdings was a subsidiary of Ingram's Textiles set up by Ingram's manager Mike Baldwin in April 1991 so that he could take out a five-year head-lease on Jim's Cafe without Jackie Ingram's knowledge.

Mike became interested in the property when he was informed by Gail Tilsley that the current lease-holder Weatherfield Estates was increasing their rent from £225 to £900 a month, which would force Gail and Alma to close down. Having two-timed Alma with Jackie some months earlier, Mike bought the cafe and the flat above and sub-let it to Alma and Gail for £350 a month as a way to offload his guilt. To cover his tracks, Mike asked Gail not to tell Alma and explained away Alcazar Holdings to Jackie as a small holding company for tax purposes.

Two months later, Alma remembered 'Alcazar' as being the location of a petrol station Mike owned in Spain and confirmed that Mike owned the cafe by calling the estate agent pretending to be his secretary. Although far from happy with the arrangement, she decided not to tell Jackie. Jackie learned the truth shortly afterwards from Ralph Dobson, Ingram's former sales director who had gone through the firm's accounts in preparation for a takeover. Mike managed to convince Jackie - now his wife - that his intentions in buying the cafe were honourable and that the firm hadn't lost any money, but the next day Phil Jennings told Jackie more of Mike's secrets, resulting in her leaving him.

Mike took Alcazar Holdings as part of the divorce settlement and remained the cafe's landlord until January 1992 when he signed the property over to Alma as a way to keep her in Weatherfield.

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