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Albert Road (previously Bridgegate Street) was a thoroughfare in Weatherfield.

In 1781, businessmen William Fairhurst and Fairley Oakes chose the location to build The Stag Brewery. The brewery began to expand in 1848 and opened their first public house The Stag Inn here.

Norman Hill owned a photography shop in Albert Road in the late 1970s and was hired by Newton & Ridley to take the cover photograph of the Rovers for the first issue of their new in-house magazine Over the Bar.

In January 1986, Jenny Bradley's mother Pat was involved in a hit-and-run on Albert Road and passed away from her injuries in the ambulance on the way to Weatherfield General.

By 1989, a Bettabuy supermarket was located here. In December 1991, the supermarket's manager Reg Holdsworth was taken into custody by a police sergeant on suspicion of robbery when he was unable to produce any form of identification after being caught on the street taking a box of food from the closed store.

The Hour Glass pub was also located on Albert Road - in the late 1990s it was bought by Fraser Henderson. Another pub was once located on Albert Road, The Red Lion which was run by the parents of Duggie Ferguson when he was a child but had been closed at some point before 2000.

Valandro's, a pizzeria which was frequented by several Coronation Street residents during the 2000s and operated under the ownership of Leanne Battersby between 2007 and 2008, was also located here.

In February 2020, Abi Franklin torched Ray Crosby's car on Albert Road, after stealing it from outside the Viaduct Bistro where she had just exposed him as a sexual predator, only to be called a "junkie slag" to her face.

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