Alasdair Morrison served as a storyliner on Coronation Street from October 2013 to January 2014, and then from August 2014 until July 2017 (with a one-week gap in January 2015) for 816 episodes.

Thereafter he was the story editor until October 2017 for another 49 episodes and the story producer for 288 episodes until September 2018.

He then became a script writer on the programme with his first contribution being Episode 9553 (5th September 2018) and he has since contributed 18 episodes, including three episodes co-credited with Jan McVerry, Jonathan Harvey and Sam Holdsworth

Alasdair has also served as a writer for River City, prior to working on Coronation Street.

Episodes storylined by Alasdair MorrisonEdit

2013 (44 episodes)

2014 (102 episodes)

2015 (257 episodes)

2016 (262 episodes)

  • All episodes in this year

2017 (151 episodes)

Episodes story edited by Alasdair MorrisonEdit

2017 (49 episodes)

Episodes story produced by Alasdair MorrisonEdit

2017 (72 episodes)

2018 (216 episodes)

Episodes written by Alasdair MorrisonEdit

2018 (6 episodes)

2019 (13 episodes)

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