Adrian Gosthorpe was a weaselly Weatherfield & County Building Society mortgage manager who "stole" Kimberley Taylor away from her Bettabuy co-worker Curly Watts.

Adrian and Kimberley had known each other since they were children as their mothers were cousins. In January 1991, two weeks after Kimberley broke off her engagement with Curly, Adrian came to lodge with the Taylors. Their relationship was platonic at first but within a few weeks Kimberley allowed Adrian into her bed.

At a loss to explain why Kimberley had suddenly gone off him, Curly blamed her strict mother Brenda Taylor for influencing her but when he went to the Taylor household to tell Brenda what he thought of her, he saw Kimberley and Adrian returning from an evening out. Curly became obsessed with his rival, and found out where he worked by following Kimberley home from Bettabuy the next day when she went to meet Adrian outside the building society. Curly then arranged a meeting with Adrian by posing as a potential house buyer. Adrian realised who he was dealing with when his surly client complained that his fiancée had gone off with a "jumped up little rat who works at the local building society". Adrian, who had heard stories from Kimberley about Curly trying to get her into bed, admitted that he'd been intrigued to meet him and taunted him about Kimberley.

Adrian next encountered Curly when he came to pick up Kimberley from Bettabuy for an early lunch. Curly attempted to spoil their plans by cancelling Kimberley's early lunch, but Kimberley ignored his orders.

A week later, Curly confronted Adrian at his desk with a woman's magazine containing a letter apparently written by Kimberley complaining about her boyfriend using her for sex. Adrian told him that it couldn't have been written by Kimberley as they'd already had sex - a claim which Curly branded a lie, as Kimberley had never slept with him during their seven-month engagement. Curly's loud threats and animated gestures caused a nearby colleague, Wanda, to think he was trying to rob them and press the silent alarm. Having detained Curly for a few minutes, Adrian got to have the last laugh by watching him be escorted out of the building by police, even though no charges were pressed.

Kimberley transferred to Bettabuy's Bolton branch a few days later. The following August, Curly met up with Kimberley again and learned that she and Adrian were no longer together.

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