Adil Aziz was the solicitor who represented Roy Cropper when he and wife Hayley were arrested on the grounds of abducting Wayne Hayes in August 2001.

After a lengthy bout of questioning by the investigating officer DS Taylor, Roy was led back to the police cells where Mr Aziz explained that Roy would be going in front of the magistrate later that afternoon (together with Hayley, although the pair had been interviewed by police separately), stating that a case of such gravity would be heard at the Crown Court. He advised Roy that it might be beneficial to instruct a more specialist solicitor, as in general he dealt with criminal law.

Asked of his opinion as to whether the couple faced going to prison if found guilty, Aziz was unable to give Roy a definitive answer, since a lenient judge could possibly impose a two years' suspended sentence whereas they could be facing a harsher ruling of three or four years' imprisonment. He tried to reassure Roy that he would have plenty of time to prepare his defence while awaiting trial and didn't see any reason for his client not to be granted bail.

He was also present at the interim hearing at Weatherfield Magistrates Court that afternoon where Roy and Hayley were both successfully granted bail on the condition that they didn't have any further contact with Wayne. Furious that the police weren't investigating Wayne's abusive stepfather Alex Swinton, Hayley refused to accept her bail condition and was remanded in custody.

Credited as "Mr Aziz", the character's first name was given in dialogue.
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