Episode 3174

1991: Jenny shows off her boyfriend Robert Weston to Steph

Weatherfield's Adelphi Hotel was the location of a Newton & Ridley promo night in January 1991. Steph Barnes and Jenny Bradley were among the scantily-clad women brought in to promote the brewery's latest tipples.

After a while mingling in the hotel bar, Jenny was surprised by the appearance of her boyfriend Robert Weston and shamelessly showed him off to Steph, who was aware that Jenny was two-timing Mark Casey. Having heard the location of the promo from Des Barnes, Mark also came to see Jenny, with the latter managing to avoid being seen in Robert's company by Mark, who assumed that Robert was Steph's man and that she was cheating on Des.

The hotel was seen in Episode 3174 (14th January 1991) with an unknown location doubling for the Adelphi Hotel. The location may be the same as the Adelphi seen in Episode 3026 (2nd February 1990).
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