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Abraham "Abe" Crowley was an inmate of Highfield Prison and a cellmate of David Platt when he was incarcerated for breaking the terms of his parole following a previous offence.

David was asked to help run hairdressing classes for the bored and frustrated inmates and it was during one of these lessons that David gained Abe's confidence when he prevented him from getting into trouble with the officers. Earlier the same day, David had witnessed Abe's gran smuggling a contraband mobile phone to him during a visit. Abe realised he had been spotted and later on an officer grew suspicious of what he thought Abe was hiding up his sleeve. Before a body search could take place, David created a diversion by momentarily pretending that a pair of hair scissors had gone missing, giving Abe the opportunity to pass the phone to another passing inmate and relieving David of any suspicion that he was grassing to the officers about the other prisoners.

Abe later thanked David for sticking his neck out for him, albeit wondering if he did it because it he fancied him. Putting him right, David refused the offer of using the phone, not wanting to risk his imminent release.

As the tensions in the prison increased, the two shared more about their lives but David was reluctant to fully divulge all his secrets to Abe, particularly his experience of being raped by Josh Tucker. By coincidence, Josh was admitted that day on a similar charge and was soon badly assaulted by violent thug Tez Collier who had somehow found out what he was in for. The sight of his old assailant in the hospital wing made David jumpy and Abe questioned him, thinking Josh had raped someone close to him, in the same way that his own sister had once been attacked. At David's request, Abe investigated and found out Josh was in for drugging and raping his victim and David confessed that the same thing had happened to him. Abe was sympathetic to David about his ordeal and told him that a riot was planned for the next day, giving him the perfect opportunity to put an end to Josh's recidivism by killing him.

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