Episode 339

1964: Martha Longhurst entertains Ena Sharples, Minnie Caldwell and Ted Ashley

7 Mawdsley Street was the marital home of Martha Longhurst and her husband Percy. Martha and Percy were married in 1919 and their daughter Lily was raised there, as was their son Harold until he drowned in 1929, aged three.

7 Mawdsley Street was built in 1902 and was situated directly behind Coronation Street, with an identical outside appearance to the houses in that street. The interior layout was also similar except that the front door and staircase entrance were located in the living/dining room, with no hallway. The scullery was behind a curtain draped over the rear of the living room. The house was bombed during the Manchester Blitz, and the Longhursts were put up at 13 Coronation Street while it was rebuilt.

During Martha and Percy's marriage, the house was the site of daily rows between the couple but after Percy's death in 1946 and Lily's marriage to Wilf Haddon it was a quiet home, with Martha preferring the company of her friends Ena Sharples and Minnie Caldwell in the Rovers snug. Though she had led a lonely and unhappy life, Martha's home was littered with photographs and bric-a-brac she had amassed on holidays.

In 1961, after being thrown out of her vestry Ena invited herself to stay with Martha and took over the house. Martha was relieved when after two weeks she returned to the Mission.

After Martha died from a heart attack in May 1964, the house was cleared and a new family moved in.

By 1984, a family by the name of Andrews was living in the house. Daughter Jessica Andrews lost her Labrador puppy, and asked to put an advertisement in the Corner Shop. The dog had been found by Vera Duckworth in the backyard of 9 Coronation Street and was returned to the owner.


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