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6 Coronation Street is currently occupied by Yasmeen and Alya Nazir. Imran Habeeb is also living there. In the past the house has been lived in by the Harris family, the Morton family and the Windass family. It has also been home to Sally Webster, Matt and Charlie Ramsden. The house has been occupied by many different people in a short space of time.


It is the middle house on the Street's south side. Its first residents were Des and Steph Barnes. In 2007, Tracy Barlow killed boyfriend Charlie Stubbs in the house.


No. 6 was built in 1989 as part of a development replacing the demolished factory.



Des and Steph Barnes

Newlyweds Des and Steph Barnes move into the property, sold by her father Maurice Jones to the couple at cost price.


The Barnes' marriage breaks down following Steph's affair with Simon Beatty. Des continues to live alone in the house.


Des begins a relationship with Lisa Duckworth and late in the year she moves in along with her baby son Tommy.


Des is devastated when Lisa dies after being hit by a car while crossing Coronation Street. Tommy is sent to live with his grandparents Jack and Vera across the street.


Raquel Wolstenhulme falls for Des' charms


Des's new girlfriend Raquel Wolstenhulme moves in but she leaves him when she learns that he is having an affair with Tanya Pooley.


Andy McDonald becomes Des' lodger but moves out when their friendship turns sour.


Des' latest girlfriend Claire Palmer moves in along with her daughter Becky.


Another relationship fails for Des, when Claire and Becky move out following his pursuit of barmaid Samantha Failsworth.

Des attacked

Natalie Barnes cradles her dying husband


Natalie Horrocks moves into No.6 and becomes Des' second wife. Their happiness is short-lived when Des dies of injuries sustained whilst trying to protect his stepson Tony from drug dealers, and Natalie inherits the property. The next month, Natalie decides that she cannot live in No. 6 and buys the Rovers Return from Alec Gilroy with the intention of selling No.6.


January Deciding it isn't a good time to sell, Natalie rents out No.6 on a three-month lease to Sally Webster. In the February, feeling lonely and missing her fiancé during the week, Sharon Gaskell moves in with Sally during the weeks, leaving at the weekend so Sally's children can stay.

March Following an argument with Natalie, Sally walks out of No.6 and moves back into No.13 whilst Kevin is in Germany. Sharon has to move in with Rita at No.10. The house then stands empty until November of the same year, when on the anniversary of Des' death, Natalie decides she needs to put the past behind her and puts the house up on the market.


February The house is still unsold; Natalie's sister Debs finishes her job working as a hairdresser and beautician on cruise ships and unexpectedly turns up in Weatherfield. Natalie lets her stay in No.6.

November Debs leaves the house and runs off to Newcastle with Vinny.

December Still unable to sell the house, Natalie lets the house to Matt and Charlie Ramsden.


April The future of the Ramsdens marriage is in doubt as Charlie turns to drink and then has an abortion to the horror of her broody husband Matt. Their marriage is rocked to the core by Matt's revelation that he had a one-night stand with neighbour Maxine Peacock and she may be pregnant with Matt's baby. However, after a short-term split, they decide to try and make a go of their marriage - but away from Weatherfield, and they do a midnight flit from No.6.


The Nelson family arrive

November The house stays vacant for a short while and in November 2002, a family of four from Sheffield called the Nelsons are Tommy and Angela with their teenage children, Katy and Craig. They have a secret. They are really the Harris family under the witness protection programme. After the secret comes out they revert to their own name.


Katy falls in love with Martin Platt after he was kind and helpful to her when she was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Martin soon returns her affection and she leaves to move in with him. Angela and Tommy are furious, particularly given Tommy's friendship with Martin. As the year progresses, Angela and Tommy's marriage breaks down and Tommy moves out. After Craig tampers with the brakes on Martin's car, blaming him for breaking up his family, Angela and Tommy reconcile.


Katy gets pregnant but Tommy leads her to believe that Martin is having an affair with Sally Webster. She moves back home to No.6 again, and her parents persuade her to have an abortion. When she discovers Martin wasn't having an affair and he won't take her back, she kills Tommy in a rage. Katie sinks into a depression and commits suicide, whilst mother Angela is sent to prison for perverting the course of justice. Angela's father Keith Appleyard moves in to look after Craig, who has no-one else to look out for him.


Charlie Stubbs lies dying


Charlie Stubbs buys No.6 and promptly evicts Keith and Craig, moving in with his girlfriend Tracy Barlow and her daughter Amy.


In January, Charlie and Tracy's rocky relationship comes to a horrific end. After learning that Charlie had slept with Maria Sutherland and got Shelley Unwin pregnant, Tracy murdered him with an ornament and tried to convince the police that she had killed him in self-defence. It didn't work, and she was ordered to serve a custodial sentence at Redford Prison.

In March, the house was bought by Jerry Morton, who moved in along with his children Jodie, Darryl, Mel and Kayleigh. His ex-wife Teresa also had a young son Finlay, and, believing Teresa was not a fit mother, Jerry took Finlay in too. By the end of the year, Jodie had left for a new life in London.


Jerry Morton, with Kayleigh and Finlay


Teresa returns when Jerry has a heart attack. She poisons Jerry so that he will stay dependent on her but when he nearly dies, she confesses and he throws her out. Jerry decides to take the two youngest children to start a new life in Spain. Darryl allows his mother Teresa to come back because she's got nowhere to go. Mel moves out in protest, and Teresa and Darryl leave Weatherfield the following year.


The Windass family cause a stir


Eddie and Anna Windass move into the property as Jerry's tenants, along with their son Gary.


Gary leaves to join the army, but is discharged the following year and returns, traumatised after witnessing his friend Quinny's death.


Faye Butler causes the Windass family concern


Gary moves out to live with girlfriend Izzy Armstrong. Eddie and Anna adopt Faye Butler, but soon afterwards they split up and Eddie moves to Germany. Gary then moves back into the property, his problems with post-traumatic stress disorder having brought his relationship with Izzy to an end. Izzy's father Owen Armstrong buys the house from Jerry, keeping Anna, Gary and Faye as sitting tenants.

2014 Edit

Owen and Anna lose the house and it goes up for auction. It is bought by Yasmeen Nazir, who moved in with her husband Sharif, son Kal and grandchildren Alya and Zeedan.

2015 Edit

Kal tragically dies a hero whilst saving Leanne Tilsley and Amy Barlow from a fire which started inside 12 Victoria Court in May 2015.

2016 Edit

Zeedan's girlfriend Rana Habeeb moves in with the family. They later marry in a Muslim ceremony. Sharif leaves the house in disgrace after it is revealed that he was having a seven-year long affair with family friend Sonia Rahman. The Nazirs are left in debt due to Sharif's impromptu departure. Yasmeen's friend Cathy Matthews moves in when her relationship with Roy Cropper unexpectedly ends when he reveals he doesn't want to get married.

2017 Edit

After becoming estranged from his family, Alya's friend Aidan Connor moves in while he gets back on his feet, much to Yasmeen's disapproval. Zeedan and Rana have a legal ceremony so they are married in the eyes of both Islam and the UK Government. This happens as Rana begins an affair with Aidan's sister Kate, whilst struggling with balancing her sexuality and her faith.

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