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4 Drapers Mill Apartments is a location at Weatherfield Quays and the former home of Carla Connor. She and husband Paul were residents in 2007 and it has also been the home to numerous others during her time there. Carla moved out in February 2012.

Tony Gordon lived solely at the flat from February to November 2009 as Carla went to Los Angeles during that period after discovering that he had killed her brother-in-law (and lover) Liam. Whilst briefly staying in Weatherfield in October, Carla was attacked and almost killed by Tony's henchman Jimmy Dockerson but was saved in time by Tony. She resumed occupancy from November onwards after Tony was sent to prison for his crime.

In October 2011, Carla was raped by her former fiancé Frank Foster in the flat. Haunted by painful memories after the incident she rarely stayed there, and upon embarking on a relationship with Peter Barlow, she quickly moved in with him at 9a Rosamund Street. Her brother Rob Donovan stayed at the flat between July 2012 and January 2013. Carla eventually celebrated the sale of the property in April.