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1989: Wendy Crozier responds to a knock at her front door, with the kitchen in the foreground

47 Church Road was a semi-detached house owned by council secretary Wendy Crozier in the 1980s. Located in Church Road among similar properties, No.47 contained open plan living/dining rooms, a small kitchen entered through a set of saloon doors, a hallway, a bathroom and an unknown number of bedrooms upstairs. Outside, the property had a front yard and driveway, a large well-kept garden and a garage.

Wendy resided at Church Road until 1991 when she married Christos Papadopoulos and moved to Norfolk. In 1989, Ken Barlow had an affair with Wendy and lived with her for a four-month period after his split from Deirdre. In March 1990, Tracy Barlow stayed the night at Wendy's to be with her dad while Deirdre was at a conference in Harrogate, even though Deirdre had left her in Emily Bishop's care. Deirdre cut short her trip when she learned what had happened and went to Wendy's to fetch Tracy, leading to a row with Ken on Wendy's doorstep. Ken left Wendy in May of that year when he decided to try and reconcile with Deirdre.

Wendy indicated to Ken that she hadn't always been alone at No.47, but that she had decided not to marry.

The street name was given in Episode 3015 (8th January 1990), where a letter sent by Deirdre to Ken appears on-screen containing Wendy's address and postcode. The scenes in Church Road were shot at the same location as the interior scenes at Wendy's house. In its 42 appearances, the living and dining rooms, downstairs hallway, kitchen, bathroom, Wendy's bedroom and garden were seen.

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