Episode 2959

Mike Baldwin entertains Dawn Prescott and Maurice Jones

46b, St. Mary's Place was Mike Baldwin's flat between 1981 and 1989. The flats were situated off Park Road behind Weatherfield Town Hall.

Mike viewed the flat with his then-girlfriend Deirdre Langton in March 1981 and bought it shortly afterwards. After moving in, he threw a flat-warming at which he dumped Deirdre for Sonia Price, causing Deirdre to go off with Ken Barlow.

Mike's bachelor pad was stylishly decorated and furnished. The most distinguishing feature was a pair of saloon doors leading from the living room to the kitchen. Mike also used the flat for entertaining Baldwin's Casuals clients and so he always made sure he was well stocked with brandy and hired a cleaner - Hilda Ogden from 1981 to 1987 and Sandra Stubbs from 1988 to 1989 - to take some of the less enjoyable aspects of daily life off his hands. In 1982, Hilda's key to Mike's flat was "borrowed" by Eddie Yeats so that Eddie could pretend it was his to his new girlfriend Marion Willis. When Mike found out, he let Eddie meet Marion there one last time on the condition that he came clean and never darkened his doors again.

Two women shared Mike's bedroom during this period: Maggie Dunlop, who lived with Mike in 1982 until she fell pregnant and left Mike, deciding he would not be a good father to her baby, and Susan Barlow, Ken's daughter who dated and later married Mike in 1986. The marriage broke down when Susan aborted Mike's baby, and Mike threw her out.

In 1989, Mike bought No. 6 Quebec House, Weatherfield Quays, at the new dockland development, and sold 46b to an unknown woman.

Mike's flat appeared in the programme between March 1981 and August 1989. Only the living room, kitchen and the hallway were ever seen, but the street outside was glimpsed in Episode 2078 (2nd March 1981) (pictured below), Episode 2745 (22nd July 1987), Episode 2885 (23rd November 1988) and Episode 2966 (30th August 1989) (also pictured below).
The location of the flat in real life was in an apartment block immediately south of St. John's Gardens, Lower Byrom Street, Manchester, next to the Museum of Science and Industry and Granada Television's Quay Street studios and was actually owned by Johnny Briggs as his weekday base. When Eric Deakins, the designer for Episode 2078, saw the interior of the flat he replicated it for the studio set design, seeing no need to come up with anything orginal to match the filmed exterior.



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