40 Stanley Drive, Didsbury was the home of Frank Foster.


Frank's home becomes the setting of his attempted rape of Maria.

In March 2011, Maria Connor paid a visit to Frank's house for a meal. Maria was under pressure from her boss Carla Connor to make a good impression with Frank and to keep him on-side, as his deal with Underworld would save all of their jobs. However, when Frank began to make unwanted sexual advances towards Maria - she was able to throw him off and escape. When Maria tried to expose Frank's actions, he worked hard to turn people against her by threatening to cancel his deal with Underworld and hooking up with Tracy Barlow before taking her back to his house for sex. Frank hoped that Tracy would be able to defend him by revealing that he never did anything that wasn't consensual during their night together.

In June, Carla got drunk at the Rovers Return and Frank took her back to his house and allowed her to sleep on the sofa - further cementing himself as a gentleman. The next day, the pair turned up at the factory together and everyone assumed that they were now in a relationship. In July, Carla confirmed their relationship after they spent the night together at Frank's again, this time having sex.


Anne talks to her son in the kitchen of No.40 about the goings on at Underworld.

Sometime later Frank and Carla's relationship soured and he raped her. After she reported him to the police, Frank was released and allowed to return home. Frank was advised to keep his distance from Carla and therefore hired his mother Anne Foster to look after Underworld in his absence. Anne frequently returned to Frank's house to inform him about the ins-and-outs of the factory. In October, Carla and Maria turned up at Frank's house to confront him - however, he accused them of harassment and ordered them both to leave.

In January 2012, Frank threw a lavish party for his business associates - only for Carla to later crash the party and berate them, causing them to leave. Following the party, Frank and Sally Webster were left alone and both made a move to kiss each other. However, Sally eventually pulled away and the pair were left embarrassed. The next day, Frank apologised to Sally for his attempt to kiss her - but she informed him that she only pulled away in shock. Later, Frank and Sally entertained client Mike Leydon at the house and were able to convince him that Frank was a victim of Carla's lies. When Mike had left, Frank and Sally kissed passionately and she spent the night at his house.

In March 2012, Frank and Carla were then embroiled in a court case - where he was eventually found not guilty after exposing Carla's affair with Peter Barlow. With the court case over, and no longer needing the support of his mother and Sally, Frank revealed his affair with Jenny Sumner. Anne was disgusted by his betrayal of Sally and turned up at Underworld to confront him, however while there she overheard him admit his rape to Carla. After Carla left, Anne angrily blamed Frank for his father Sam Foster's death and hit him with a bottle - killing him.

Anne Foster knife

Anne holds Carla and Kevin hostage at No.40, while Sally lays unconscious upstairs.

Anne moved into her son's house following his death, and was left in a fragile state. Sally then began to look after Anne, paying her visits in order to check that she was doing well, but on the day of Frank's funeral was left stunned when Anne confessed her murderous secret. As Sally attempted to flee she tripped and hit her head on the banister, when Carla and Sally ex-partner Kevin Webster arrived they were left horrified by the scene. Anne threatened Carla with a knife but was eventually persuaded to put it down and hand herself into the police.

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