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33 Hammond Road was the Tilsley residence from 1985 to 1991. Gail and Brian Tilsley took on the tenancy of the terraced house in Hammond Road in June 1985 as living with Ivy Tilsley at 5 Coronation Street was causing them to row, despite benefitting them financially.

The house had stone outer walls and had a modestly sized interior, with just a small hallway, living room and kitchen on the ground floor, and three bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs. It also had front and back gardens, with the front garden large enough for a hedge.

At the time of moving in, Gail and Brian only had one child, Nick Tilsley. In 1987, their daughter Sarah Louise was born, although Brian wasn't living there at the time as he moved out following Gail's affair with Ian Latimer and they got a divorce. He returned when the couple reconciled and they went on to remarry however their second marriage, borne out of practicality rather than love, lasted just a year before Gail asked Brian to leave again. They had only just agreed to split when Brian was killed in a stabbing outside a nightclub. Gail's next love was Martin Platt, who moved in towards the end of 1989 and the following year their son David Platt (initially Tilsley) was born. As he settled down with Gail and married her, Martin convinced Gail that they should leave Brian's house behind and buy 8 Coronation Street. They moved out in December 1991.

The younger Tilsley residence first appeared in Episode 2526 on 17th June 1985. The interior sets were constructed in studio, so only the living room, kitchen and hallway/stairs were usually seen, but all three bedrooms appeared at least once: Gail and Brian's (later Martin's) in Episodes 2805, 3007 and 3008, Nicky's in Episode 2931, and Sarah's in Episodes 2978 to 2981. The outside entrance and back garden were seen occasionally, especially during 1989. The house last appeared in Episode 3321 on 23rd December 1991.


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