25 Bellamy Street (right) with the Viaduct Bistro van parked outside.

25 Bellamy Street, Macclesfield is the home of Vicky and Tyler Jefferies. With financial support from Robert Preston, they moved into the property some time between April and June 2019.

Throughout the following months, Robert paid regular visits to Vicky, leading a secret life away from his girlfriend Michelle Connor.

After proposing to both women, and impregnating Vicky, Robert's disappearances became more alarming to Michelle. In November 2019, Michelle and Carla Connor followed Robert to Bellamy Street, witnessing Vicky throwing him out the house after he'd ended their relationship. Later that evening, Michelle returned to Bellamy Street to visit Vicky and find out the truth, later deciding to take Robert for all he had.

On the night before his wedding to Michelle, Robert went to the house to warn Vicky not to gatecrash their big day. During their altercation, a neighbour at 23 Bellamy Street became suspicious after hearing a sudden crash, followed by a prolonged silence.

The exterior of 25 Bellamy Street was filmed at 25 Cemetery Road in the Weaste area of Salford, whilst the interior was filmed in a studio set.

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