In May 2018, after decades of broadcasting Coronation Street many months behind the UK, the TVNZ website proclaimed a complex but believable real almost catch-up, with two options.

Slow catch-up at 1pm

"Currently airing storylines will continue to be available every weekday on TVNZ 1. This will be called Coronation Street Catch-up." "From Monday 11 June one-hour episodes will air Monday – Friday at 1pm on TVNZ 1 and will continue the currently airing storylines."

That will mean a gain of four half-hour episodes per week (minus a few for important events!), closing the gap in a little over two years if UK continues to get six per week.

Fast-track to 2018

"From 11 June, TVNZ 1 is jumping Coronation Street ahead in primetime to match the UK! This will be called Coronation Street 2018."

Bridging the gap
A special 2-hour programme on Sunday 10 June at 8:30pm "will recap key storylines across the 18 month lag". "The special will mark all the key moments – the births, the deaths, the marriages and the breakups ..."
From 11 June
"For the week of 11 - 15 June Coronation Street will play every weeknight. It will then resume its regular schedule of one-hour episodes from 9.30pm on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on TVNZ 1. These episodes will be one week behind their UK broadcast."

The site did not specify which ten episodes would fill the period from 11 to 15 June.


TVNZ was roughly true to its word. Until at least the beginning of 2019, there were six episodes most weeks, usually Wednesday to Friday but occasionally using Tuesday, and start times varied from about 9:05 to 10:00.

The Christmas Day 2018 episodes, starting with Gina happily cooking and ending with Liz's knockdown and collapse. were broadcast on Thursday 3 January 2019 - only 9 days behind UK.

Schedules stretching at least 24 hours ahead are freely available at .

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