17 Elmgate Gardens was the marital home of Peter and Jackie Ingram. Peter invited Mike Baldwin and Alma Sedgewick over for dinner and to meet his wife Jackie, Mike not realising he'd already met her earlier that day when she applied for a job at Mike's secret company Phoenix Fabrics under an assumed name of "Jackie Williams".

After the sudden death of Peter, Jackie remained in the home but wanted to move on, she showed Mike a property called "Thorngrove" in Oakfield which she and Peter had considered buying, but due to a low offer on Ingram's Textiles from Charlie Travers (a pal of Mike's) she changed her mind and kept the business, making Mike the General Manager.

Jackie and Mike grew closer and began an affair, Jackie couldn't cope with the guilt and made Mike decide, he chose her and Alma moved out of his docklands flat and he moved into Elmgate Gardens.

Following the sale of Mike's flat Jackie put her house on the market as she wanted her and Mike to buy somewhere that was 'theirs' as opposed to being 'hers'. Whilst it was on the market, 17 Elmgate Gardens was viewed by a 'Mrs Halliwell', Alma under an assumed name, who slashed the bedding on the double bed.

Mike married Jackie in July 1991 but the happiness was short-lived as she realised the truth about Mike's dodgy dealings including ownership of Jim's Cafe through sub-company Alcazar Holdings. Jackie threatened Mike with a shotgun but he managed to take it off her and she drove off. He was shocked to find the gun was loaded. Jackie sold the factory and offered Mike £100,000 to leave immediately and to not contest her divorce petition. He agreed and took Alcazar Holdings as well.

Jackie remained in the house alone. Mike visited her in April 1992 asking her to not name Alma in the divorce petition and in July, Alma visited the house only to find that Jackie had kept her name out of their divorce and it was Mike causing the problems.

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