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Flat entrance from Viaduct Street

15a Coronation Street is a two-bedroom flat located above the Corner Shop in Coronation Street, Weatherfield. It is home to Daniel Osbourne, Sinead Tinker, and their son Bertie, who rent the property from the shop's owner Dev Alahan.

Originally one of the shop's bedrooms, by the early 1960s the area had been converted into a bedsit, accessed via a staircase in the shop's living quarters. Florrie Lindley was the first proprieter to take in lodgers, and most of her successors have followed suit, although a few have used the space for storage or lived there themselves.

In 1985, as part of a modernisation of the shop Alf Roberts expanded the flat to fill the entire upstairs and built a new door to the apartment on Viaduct Street, separating the flat from the shop - although the properties have continued to be sold together.

Past residents of the flat include Sheila Birtles, Doreen Lostock, Emily Nugent, Bet Lynch, Tricia Hopkins, Gail Potter, Deirdre Langton, Shirley Armitage, Curly Watts, Ken Barlow, Chris Collins and Sunita Parekh.


When the Corner Shop in Coronation Street was built in 1902, it had three upstairs bedrooms. By 1961, one of the rooms had been adapted into a bedsit, allowing the shop's owner Florrie Lindley to start taking in paying lodgers. The first tenants were Town Hall clerks Phil Braithwaite and Norman Dobson.

During the 1960s and 1970s, most people who resided at the flat were either relatives of the shop's owner or live-in assistants. As it was technically part of the shop, and not a separate property, anyone living there was typically evicted when the shop underwent a change of ownership. When not occupied, it was generally used as a stockroom.



Corner shop flat 1970

1970: The flat in 1970, occupied by Irma Barlow and Bet Lynch

The flat started out as little more than a spare bedroom, lacking a bathroom, its own street entrance or postal address separate from the shop. Tenants entered the bedsit using the staircase situated within the shop's living quarters.

When first let in 1961, the flat contained two beds, a stove, and limited kitchen facilities. The layout was unchanged at least until 1967, when Emily Nugent lived there, but by 1970 it had a separate kitchen to the right of the entrance, behind a glass wall.

List of owners and residents



  • 1965 - Jerry Booth
    Lived in the flat for three months after the breakdown of his marriage to Myra and death of their baby daughter.
  • 1965 - Sandra Petty
    Daughter of shop owner Lionel Petty. The flat gave Sandra her own space away from her domineering father but it wasn't enough and at the end of the year she moved to a flat in Leestand Road to assert her independence.
  • 1967-1968 - Emily Nugent
    The Gamma Garments manager moved in when she returned to Weatherfield after spending a year nursing her sick father in Harrogate. She was forced to give up the flat when the Cleggs bought the shop.
  • 1969-1970 - Betty Turpin
    Along with her husband Cyril, Betty moved into the flat to be closer to her younger sister Maggie. Maggie allowed the Turpins to share her living space, but secured Betty a job as a barmaid at the Rovers Return in order to keep her out of the shop. The Turpins stayed for a year, moving to 37 Hillside Crescent in 1970.
  • 1970-1971 - Irma Barlow
    The shop's co-owner moved into the flat with Bet Lynch after the Turpins left. Recently widowed, Irma's time there was characterised by bad relationships with men, including Joe Donelli who confessed to murdering Steve Tanner and locked Irma in the flat with him. She disappeared abruptly in December 1971 and pulled her money out of the shop two months later, settling in Llandudno.
  • 1971 - Janet Reid
    Len Fairclough's ex-girlfriend filled in for Irma at the shop for four weeks while Irma recuperated from appendicitis in Llandudno, and in return was allowed to use the flat. Feeling lonely, Janet threw herself at Alan Howard, but was seen off by Elsie.


Background information

The flat's interior first appeared in Episode 167 on 18th July 1962, when Sheila Birtles and Doreen Lostock moved in. Before that, the bedsit had been occupied by Phil Braithwaite and Norman Dobson, but the onset of the Equity actors' strike shortly after their introduction resulted in those character being written out.

The flat has sported dramatically different appearances over the years, with a number of inconsistencies between episodes. Episode 434, in which Jerry Booth moves into the flat, shows it to be on the ground foor, contradicting other episodes.

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