15 jubilee terrace

Ena, Minnie and Martha in Minnie's parlour in 1962

15 Jubilee Terrace was the home of Minnie Caldwell from the time of her marriage to Armistead in 1925 to 1962.

No.15 was a small property whose front door lay at the bottom of a set of stairs off Jubilee Terrace. The house consisted of an open plan parlour and kitchen/scullery downstairs, at least two bedrooms upstairs accessed via a staircase in the living room and an outside lavatory. Although cramped, it was ideal for the Caldwells as they embarked on their married lives together.

At some point, likely after Armistead's death at a young age in 1935, Minnie took in her elderly mother Amy Carlton. Amy had Minnie running around after her, much to the disapproval of her friends Ena Sharples and Martha Longhurst. Towards the end of her life, Amy was bed-ridden during the Winter months and delivered orders to her daughter by banging on the floor of her bedroom. She died in July 1962 at the grand old age of 94. It was after her mother passed away that Minnie decided she didn't like the house anymore and gave up the tenancy to move into 5 Coronation Street, which had an indoor toilet.

The other occupants of 15 Jubilee Terrace were Minnie's cats, notably Bobby, and for a short period between December 1961 and February 1962, Ena Sharples. When Ena walked out of her job and home at the Glad Tidings Mission Hall, she decided that it was Minnie's turn to have her and turned up at her friend's door. With Ena came all of her furniture, forcing Minnie to move her own furniture upstairs to make room for it. Minnie eventually got rid of her houseguest by writing to the Mission chairman, Ernest Baxter, about Ena, leading to her reinstatement.

Minnie's last Winter in the house was an especially cold one and when her pipes froze, Ena arranged for Dennis Tanner to defrost them in return for two buckets of coal. Dennis attempted to thaw the ice with a blow-lamp, which caused the pipes to burst and flooded Minnie's entire downstairs.

In Episode 22 (24th February 1961), Martha Longhurst stated that Minnie lived at 9 Jubilee Street.


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