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12 Victoria Court is an apartment in the Victoria Court complex on Victoria Street. The development was completed in August 2008 and is made up of twenty similar properties comprising a modern open-plan living room and kitchen/dining area, two bedrooms, bathroom and small balcony area.

It was formerly the home of Carla Connor after separating from former husband Peter Barlow, moving out of 19a Rosamund Street in October 2014. Carla's sister-in-law Michelle Connor also stayed here when she temporarily moved out of the Rovers after splitting up with long-term partner Steve McDonald.

12 Victoria Court on fire.

In May 2015, Tracy Barlow broke into the flat and prepared to kill Carla who was asleep on her sofa, but upon hearing the toilet flush, Tracy fled but left the lit candle she was holding too near a lampshade, causing a fire to start in the flat, trapping both Carla and Tracy's daughter Amy inside. Carla was rescued while Leanne Tilsley and Kal Nazir went inside to rescue Amy, but they became trapped when the roof caved in and blocked the door. The fire brigade duly arrived and were able to get Leanne and Amy out of the flat, however a nearby gas canister caught fire and caused an explosion, killing Kal.

Following Carla's departure to Devon in May 2016, the property remained empty until her father Johnny arranged to rent the flat after Jenny Bradley persuaded him that he needed a place of his own. Johnny moved in during August that year.






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