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12 Coronation Street on the 1982 Outdoor Set

12 Coronation Street is one of the two flats above The Kabin, constructed and first occupied in 1990.

In July 1994, Ken Barlow moved to Reg Holdsworth's flat. In the spring of the following year, Ken let Samir and Deirdre Rachid stay at the property while Tracy Barlow was in hospital, and Ken temporarily lodged at the Rovers.

In 2009, Jason Grimshaw and Tina McIntyre made a bid at auction and purchased the flat, moving in to make repairs. Jason and Tina separated a year later and Jason held onto the property as his own. Jason finally sold the flat to Brian Packham and Julie Carp in 2012, although in late 2013 she was the sole owner when Brian left Weatherfield.

Marcus Dent moved in with Julie in 2014, and was followed by her relative Dennis Tanner. However they both moved out later that year, with Julie sole resident until July 2015 when she reconciled with Brian. The property remained vacant until January 2018 when Brian moved back into the property, inviting Cathy Matthews and her nephew Alex Warner to live with him.




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